Friday, March 31

But just just,This back generation,Actually the death of the people,Planning directly, you can’t do it.。

And let the water turn so big before and after the month,Just after running out,The elders naturally thought it was the night next to the night.。
For night,Regardless of the race,Or is it a person in the water?,Almost all strangers。
Although he is young,Some are famous in the village,But after all, after all。
And after a week,Without more conspicuous record,Obviously it has been completely forgotten。
Water is not listening to the elderly talking,Quite uncomfortable, take out your own troire,Just want this old man to put the mouth,Just pulled by the night behind him。
“I am called water without the month.,Aunt, is also the people of the water。
You want to start with the four generations of water,I have no opinions,But you want to pull my sister.,Let her like a horse,I will not be polite to you.!”
Now four generations of water,Obviously it has been controlled by Unexpello,These people want to let their sisters go to the other side,My sister will be obviously written in a few old clouds.。
However, the strength of today’s today is today,Four generations of water shadows, he doesn’t place it in your eyes.,Yuxi Bao is not too taboo。
Yet yet“Six way mode”Spot,Night, can even get it,Even if the other party is“Breeze”The status is the same。
Now that night, I don’t know if I am shattered.,Otherwise, go directly to dig up.,Just a hundred。
“I am worried about where the water is not a month.,You count the onion,Are you talking to you here??”
Sitting on the blood of the family,There are more than half of the small.,Seeing a little emotional gas is so big,Suddenly it is not cool.?
Not politely with them?It’s a quiet, but the night is quiet.?
They acknowledge that the water is quiet, and the strength is not good.,But they are not to eat dry rice!
The grandeur of all the people in the scene,Plan a difficult,Directly to stress,Water, not a month, you must have the enemy of the enemy to deal with the four generations of water.。
But I haven’t waited for them to stand up.,Someone is in the lead。
An almost substantized Chakra started,The whole nation of the water,Start violent shaking。
In the hall,Blue Chakra, which is visible to the naked eye forms a storm,Crazy ravage in the hall。
In the world of fire,Night other body“Plow”“gas”“Moveness”,Directly convert into correspondence Chakra。
He is now“Explosive”status,Huge Chakra Storm,Even the rolls fly all things in the hall。
Those who have vowed to see a lesson of the night before,At this time, I also looked at the man in front of it.。
The vast sea of Chakra makes them feel desperate,I want a lesson of each other?
Don’t you tease??Such Chakra,Even if it is called unlimited Chakra“Tail beast”,It is also a brother in front of it.!
Night is not famous,Single single horror Chakra,It’s enough to make it stand in the top level of the endurance.。
AscGrade stem,But people can release themsLevel ban,This is what Chacrado has“Water escape”Actually“Sea”Various sickness。
Chapter 427 Night strong return,Monster Chakra!
The Chakra Storm in the Hall is still raging,Chakra on the night, there is no end,Constantly climbing。
Blue Chakra from the sky,Directly broke through the roof,Let the entire fog hidden village can see the blue light column on the sky。
“This monster is average Chakra.?”
“It seems to be passed from the races of the midwater。”
Pedestrians on the street,Monitor the dark part of the blood,At this time, I also experienced it.,This is like a general Chakra。