Friday, March 31

“Correct!It’s from Huwang Village,There are hundreds。They drive the car,Slogan,Calling to see the Chief Xia。The comrades at the police station seemed a bit unstoppable”Liu Zimin said nervously。

Feng Xiaowei listened,Two handsome cuties pricked up。She said coldly:“This Hu San really doesn’t have a king’s law,Here comes his set again。Chief Xia!Liu Zimin is right,You hide first,I’ll take care of this“
Let a woman show up for him,That’s not his Xia Jian style。He pondered for a while,And said to Zhao Chunling:“Deputy Director Zhao!You immediately take people to maintain order,Watch me wink and act,You have to do it,If you don’t catch a few, this matter won’t go away。Who is making trouble“
Just when Xia Jian was making arrangements for Zhao Chunling。A deafening shout came from outside the gate:“Let Xia Jian come out!We want to be fair!“
Zhao Chunling nodded,Opened the door and rushed out。Feng Xiaowei has a look,Left without saying a word。
“Liu Zimin!The cadres who came to the meeting should be here now!“Xia Jian looked complacent,Suddenly asked about it。
Liu Zimin scratched his scalp a bit puzzled and said:“The news I know is that they are almost here。Two people returned to the city,They probably haven’t rushed back“
“it is good!That means there are already more than 30 people。You immediately gather them together for a meeting,Just say what I meant。This afternoon,Everyone must be dispatched,I want to see their performance。Because Donglin Township Government is a group,If anyone doesn’t want to do it,Then don’t come out,I can hide in my office“Xia Jian said coldly。
Liu Zimin nodded and said:“it is good!I made peace,I will do it now”Liu Zimin finished,Run away。
When Xia Jian was about to leave for the gate,His phone rang。He opened it,This call turned out to be from the chief of public security Mao Jianmin。Xia Jian quickly connected。
“Chief Xia!You must not be impulsive,Must wait until we arrive,They are crowded,Everything will happen”Mao Jianmin said hurriedly on the phone。
How did he know the situation in Donglin Township??Xia Jian was taken aback,But at this time he doesn’t even think about it。He said to Chief Mao:“Good director Mao!Then you have to hurry,I try to maintain stability”
Xia Jian hung up the phone,Walked out of my office。He looked up,The whole body’s hairs can’t help but stand up,He is a man of knowledge,But such a scene,He has only seen it in TV series。
I saw outside the gate of Donglin Township Government,Six or seven tractors parked side by side,Every tractor is full of people。There are men and women,Old and young。And behind these tractors,Black and black followed a large group of people。Say there are hundreds of people,It’s not an exaggeration。
Inside the gate,The six policemen from the police station formed a line,And the doorman Li Manfu is also helping。Feng Xiaowei and Zhao Chunling stood in the middle and directed。But there are 20 or 30 young men outside,Lead someone to push in。Confrontation,The scene is on fire。
“Let Xia Jian get out!Give our Huwang Village a fair”The leading man shouted loudly,The others shouted。The scene was chaotic for a while。
Xia Jian strode over,He shouted loudly:“Stop shouting!I am out now,You have something to say。I’m not welcome anymore”Approached,Xia Jiancai saw clearly,The two rushing to the front,It was Wang Niuniu who was beaten by him and Zhao Chunling this morning。