Friday, March 31

When everything disappears,When the silence is restored,Li Ming’s divine body already exudes natural coercion,That is the coercion of the gods,And it’s the highest among the gods,Because his divine body has reached the perfect level。

And a strand slightly weaker than the true fairy,But far stronger than the gods in the Three Realms,Although this breath is weaker than the breath of the divine body,But also very scary,That represents the breath of the second-class Jindan Tianxian。
As long as Li Ming is willing,You can gather five qi in your chest at any time,Become a real fairy。
The true fairy of the second-class golden pill。
By the time,His deity’s strength will increase again,Close to the second soul clone。
of course,Li Ming didn’t plan to let the deity break through the real immortal now。
to him,The deity’s strength is important,But if the second soul also raises the golden core,Strength will go further。
If you practice《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》The third state of,The avatar combined with one mana can be comparable to the Three Realms Dao Ancestor。
Actually,If Li Ming wants to improve his strength in a short time,,The fastest way is to let the deity also practice《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》,Once the third realm is cultivated, it will be directly at the Taoist level。
but,Li Ming doesn’t want to practice《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》,He hopes to lay a deeper foundation,He is very greedy《Holy Book of Thousand Body》,Thousands of clones,The power is incredible。
This,You need to make the deity wait longer。
To improve strength,You have to reverse,Let the deity enter the Moon under the Moon first。
Although the world god of Beixiu should be able to enter the Moon Lake after setting the level of the gods,Has nothing to do with the realm of refining。But Li Ming is also afraid of。
In case that Beixiu World God sets the rules of Moon Lake,The true immortal of the second-class golden core was judged to have a power level higher than that of the god,No entry,He won’t be able to enter the Moon Lake。
Although Li Ming has not yet been promoted in the world prison,But I also remember the two treasures that this method requires,Jiuyan syrup and ice core。
There are in the Three Realms,He also bought some of the essence of the five elements,But Bingxin Marrow can only be found in Moonlight Pool。
As for the unsuccessful Guoyuexiatan—Li Ming has no doubts about this。