Friday, March 31

Next,I won’t talk about other issues for now。

But the more so,Actually from the current point of view,These things,What should I do。
Actually just these problems,It’s not easy already。
slowly,While looking at these,Actually, for Zhao Shijie,Such a thing,In fact, it still exists。
Look at these,Actually, Zhao Shijie was even more angry。
“Kid,You are Jiang Ya’s boyfriend?”
With Zhao Shijie’s words finished,at this time,Wang Teng finds it interesting。
but,Wang Teng actually thinks more,I don’t need to answer these。
Moreover,This guy,I don’t know where it came from。
If Wang Teng would take care of everyone,Passed out,Others don’t think,Wang Teng is very bullying?
so now,Wang Teng whole person,It is very indifferent and swept towards the eyes,Then continue to chat with Jiang Ya。
“Actually these are special dishes,You eat more,If not enough,Although point,My treat。”
Wang Teng’s generous,It makes many people feel good about him。
After all before,Wang Teng has actually been obvious。
So from now on,How should we deal with this,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,I feel,The feeling brought by this look,Still quite interesting。
“Yep,not bad。”
Wang Teng took a sip,Smile,Talking here。
Zhao Shijie looks at Wang Teng,The whole person began to gritted his teeth。