Friday, March 31

and so,Where should I start?,at this point,Still very important。

When seeing these,Zhang Yunfei at this time,In fact, I’m fully prepared。
“I don’t believe,In this case,Can’t solve him yet!”
When Zhang Yunfei finished,In the hearts of those around you,I am a little eager to try。
After all, look now,This kind of thing has been completely exposed。
And Zhang Yunfei’s heart,Actually, I look forward to Wang Teng’s arrival。
“Just come,I really want to see,Why are you here。”
Zhang Yunfei saw this,Look expectant。
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Five
Such a thing,Actually put it here,It’s already completely on the bright side。
And look into the distance a little bit,The more so。
Actually Wang Teng himself,But the more I look at it, the more funny I feel。
“All right,Actually now,Other things,Don’t think about it for the time being。”
“currently,This is a great opportunity,What should I do,I think everyone should know too?”
When Wang Teng was talking directly here,The people around see here,It’s completely eager to try。