Thursday, June 1

If now it is a non-open sky、And here,Everyone can easier more easily!

It is now basically a dog hybrid in front.,Buddha fault was broken,Immediately change it,Chu Deer and Murong Jiu top。
This Chu deer is still very pleased.——Participation is actually relying on“Eye”Aware of,Not relying on,At least not the worst situation。
One of the hearts“French sky”,Indeed,Self-hearted heart,Interfering with natural way,Form a symbol of lifelessness、That is, the so-called“Law”……
But compared to one of the authentic body,“Law”Defense is more absolute、It is also easier to break.!
The same thing is the situation of Tianmen,Strike,The body of the body can break the skin,And the heart of the heart is definitely no injury in the law.;Seven finish,The body of the body is shocking,The heart of the heart is still no injection;Extremely……The Tianmen Women will be broken,I can’t recover for a moment.,And the body of the sky is so slightly injured,And it is still a slight injury that can play nine-centine strength.!
simply put,One hundred seven-pointed attack,All of the people of all live、Weekly Warrior,The former will have a slimming to be slightly injured.、Lightweight, accumulate,And the latter can not lose weight……
But the attack of the end of ten finish,Can kill the latter,And the former can resist dozens of times。
One of the hearts of the dog hybrid,Should be stepped into the Tianmen,Really trurant,But still can’t hold a few times.。
After a fight,The Chu Deiren pulled the Murongjiu to hold the dragon.“Hatred”,Eight wild sword——Eight Sword Qi Fei Based on Fusion Sword!
Heaven、Dragon Sherry,Instantification as eight swords,Joint one、One of the meat limbs of the dragon,Walking with the root connected to the subject,Cut down。
Even if it is broken, it is rapidly shrinking,Also on the ground left a half-person big“Ginseng”。
A rich medicine is scattered,The breath of the dragon is short……
But I am not waiting for everyone.,I saw the fissure of the meat limb,Quickly push a green pus,A spathful sweetness is exuded out。
Participation is actually a change in drug transformation……
at the same time,There is also a medicinal force in the people.,It seems to be resistant to toxicity!
Seven Heart Haishu Dan!
Solitae in the Heroes Island,Cheng Lingin can finally be detoxified in the seven-hearted sea,Refining。
Can take ahead of advance,In very long duration,As long as poisoning、Will nature……
Know that the little disciple Chu Deirers have to go to the slaughter“Dragon”、And is“Gallop”Later,Cheng Lingshen gave the Chu Deiren twelve thousands of Zhudan——Cheng Lingsin only refined 13 pieces,After all, you can grow the seven heart of the seventh heart.。
Cheng Lingsin firmly believes in drug poison,Sure enough……
Other eight people are already taken in advance.,Chu Deirers are confident to their poisonous resistance,But at this time, I am busy in the mouth.,Suddenly I feel that the pharmacy is really slow way.,Means of,Even with a Chu Deirers“Poisonous resistance”,At this time, it is slowly poisoned.!
Because“Poisonous resistance”different,Everyone’s efficacy is also different.,It’s more anxious under the hand.。
at this time,Just listen to a feeling“Breaking sound”Dragon sounds sound,I saw Joe Feng face、Palm,Already a reddish,It seems that the fine blood beads have been thrown out……
Before Nan Shaolin,Qiao Feng is still extremely angry,Conducluence the blood of the war、Or is Haidong Qing’s healing,At this time, Qiaofeng has been completely mastered.。
Just take the initiative,Still,Even serious injuries!
One dragon shadow flying,direct“prick”Into the deer has just cut the broken mouth,Out of the other side……
Participation is not called,But look at it twisted swing,I know that I am not injured.,And this shake,Small gates are not self-owned、No longer attached to the body,And Yannan Tian is still continuing,Suddenly seems like an explosion, I have encountered a shaving fader.,Instantaneous“thin”A lot of!
Qiaofeng,Chu Deirers immediately threw a Dan medicine past,Qiao Feng also reached out——Chu Deer estimation,This time Joe is also poisoned.,Especially in a distressed state,Maybe make a detoxificationBuff。
Then I got the dragon into the final form——Trend, want to retract to the ground drilling,And the speed of the drilling is very fast,If it is not a tense, it is shaved.,I will definitely be more faster.……
Chapter 1133 rescue
I want to escape,Nature is late——It’s okay when you move.,Now drilling……Invitation Moon and Chu Deirers can lock its position!
And also broken too much,Now the speed is not fast……
Basically repeat“Lock orientation”、“Chase”、“Use the sword to go to the ground without different”the process of,I will not support the end of the dragon.,Drill ground,Want to be a difficulty of sleepy beasts。
Last wave resistance,It is also tenacious,However, because the book is in the unmanned area,Everyone has a plan,It sees that it is desperate,Scatter、The whole side of the whole side is not attacked,Until the debt,Only finally the result was the result.!
Nine high hands,Participation is more fierce than Chu Deeng,The process is more smooth than what Chu Dee people imagined……
The strongest beast encountered before the Chu Deirers,That is, the level of snowy mountains——Wudang’s true Wu may be stronger,But the Chu Deiren saw it,It has not been completely awakened。