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“and many more!”

See Liao Wenjie once again raised nail,Jin-winged Dapeng is another bursting,Bird face,Last bite channel:“And don’t say that you can’t kill me.,Et alterate,Waiting for you, a few dead。”
“How to say this?”
Liao Wenjie puts the nail in the pig eight ring,Pushed him,Let him come to be a scorpion。
Middle division why sombine,Xiking is not only not thin and fat, not only,From this, it can be seen.,He took the staple,Oops, because it is twisted to the foot,I fell unpaid personnel。
“Humph,Not afraid to tell you,I have a noble of these two brothers.,Manjusri、Puxian two bodhisattva disciples。”Jin-winged Dapeng cold road。
“disciple?Is a mount?!”Liao Wenjie。
Jin-winged Dapeng Wen said that only when you hear,A wild bat essence,Lingshan that knows a fart。
Ground,What is the yellow teeth?,Nasal congestion,I bite myself to hurt myself.,Move the body and press the green lion to vomit blood,Sorry gave up struggle。
“Original,It turned out to be Manjusri、Puxian two bodhisattva disciples……Disrespectful……Disrespectful。”
Niu demon king mouth pumping,And not to say that the golden winged Dapeng is true.,Single is this,The face of the two bodhisattva can’t give。
Aside,Sandy eyes,For the way to the West,Suddenly there was a mount of two bodhisattva,some of……
“Two brothers,Two Buddhas,Let me down……”
Pig Eight Rings Take a note,狠 中 中 沙 僧,Directly, he fell to the ground,Face, pale and vomiting。
“Sandsee,Wake up,What is the dream?。”
Niu Dean,I am very regretful,Silent flour banana fan,Dark road this time,Early, Lion Leed is a self-entertainment of Lingshan,His head was clipped in the door.。
“Humming,As for me……”
See the Niu Dey,Jin-winged Dapeng Ocean is proud:“Not afraid of saying that you are scared you,I am Yuncheng Wanli Peng,Phoenix,The brother of the Buddha peacock Daming Wang Bodhisattva,Discussion,Xi Tian Lingshan said‘Buddha’。”
do not fight,Bundle。
In this regard,Jin-winged Dapeng is very confident,Under the trend, his unique file,No one can compare。
Chapter 615 See the cattle
It’s you!
Liao Wenjie thumbs up in the heart,Other people fight、Tough、Fighting socks,You fight out。
Hob,Lose people,You are the Jade Emperor……
what,You are a Buddha?
One said one,Purely,From an objective angle,Don’t weird golden winged tactics,Who is the big outside?,Will have a little proud。
Jin-winged Dapeng nodded,The big exterior is the happiness of Lingshan abbot.,Ordinary people are not imagined。
He didn’t talk everywhere,But concealing the family,Low-key integration into ordinary monsters,Competition with everyone,It is already a very good man of tutor.。
‘Buddha’The shock is terrible,Niu Deyan,I can’t say a word in my throat.,Pig eight rings that are killed,Just angry,Sandy who feels that Lingshan is fine,I also chose silence is gold at this moment.。
As a member of the team,Sahas is not difficult to create difficulties to Lingshan.,I want to do everything to give them the behavior of it is very dissatisfied.。
Can now,People find out,Even the abbot, please go down the mountain.,Facing this fearless sacrifice spirit,He just want to complain。
Be shameful!
Sand does not dare to move,But very moving,Excited,Oh, I’m going to fell on my two brothers.,Unpaid personnel together。
Salty fish+1
get‘Workplace elite’title。
Liao Wenjie looks straight to the eyes,Routing elbow,Small channel:“Cow,Don’t be cheated,The bird said that he is a Buddha’s 舅,Only one word,You are still‘All-day’Woolen cloth!”