Thursday, June 1

“Uh huh!”Le Yu nodded quickly,“Yesterday I was still blaming you.,No children,In fact, he has already been in my belly.。”

Blue Xin smiled and nodded,Especially happy,“Gather,This is the fate。”
“Uh-huh,From now on, I will relax my mind.,everything will get better。This little guy is really time,Will give us good luck。”Le Yu smiles happy。
Blue Xin is also very happy,“Calling you porridge,Eat more。”
“Good!”Le Yu at this moment,Just like an obedient baby , Blue Xin said what she listened。
Muzi has a lot of fun.,Let’s look at my wife and smir.。
NS1198chapter:She thinks that she feels painful.
Lu Haocheng looked at his silly,I can’t help but take it.。
I want to think,At that time, I knew blue blue pregnant.,Don’t you smir??
That is a smirk of happiness。
Know that there is still a daughter,He is almost stupid.,Mu Ziyan, a pot of cool water,Only let him wake up。
Happiness is unambiguous,It’s really a happy and stupid.。
Blue Xin looked at Mu Zizi,“Boiler,You are with you,Let’s go waiting to come out。”
“Good,Blue,Hard work,Hey, you don’t have to worry,I will take care of your good sister.,My wife’s。”
“hehe……”Blue Xin was laughed by him.,Since Muzi’s incident,I rarely see Muzi Yu.。
Today, I am happy, happy, like a non-big boy.,It’s really rare。
“Gather,have a good rest,Xi Xi has come over,His state should be better after surgery,Don’t remember not to be sad,do you know?”Lan Xin is not trustworthy。
She is now, but their national treasure protection objects are。
“knew,Blue,You don’t have to worry about me.,Xi Xi came out,Remember to send me a WeChat ,Besides,Don’t forget to eat yourself.,You have to take care of yourself。”Le Yu is in turn。
“I see,I will take care of myself.。”Blue Xin, laughing, answer her,Turning around and Lu Hao。
Muzi flulas the stool to sit on the bedside,Pulling the hand of the music,Smile,Tenguiness:“Wife,Thanks a lot。”
Le Yu low looked at his flat belly,Pregnant woman looking at Lu Si,She suddenly looks forward to that kind of happiness,She laughed,“What is hard?,This is the crystallization of our love。When you find someone who loves yourself,I think30Old marriage,40Your child again,After you can be with you,I suddenly changed this.,Special look at Xiao Jun brothers and sisters are gradually growing up.,Looking at blue happiness,I also especially want children.。”
“Uh huh,Your idea is right,40Your child again,That is really late.。Let’s love this.,After having a child,Our family will happier。”Mu Zizi hit her hand tight,He has been very cherished here.。
If there is no she, I have always insisted,Maybe they really have no way to go to the end。
I thought before,He is very guilty。
“Gather,thank you!”Mu Zizi, I think of the previous thing,I don’t feel very don’t live.,Let her have been sad for so long。
“cut,Your person began to think about it.。”Le Yu glances at him。
Mu Ziyu smiled。
“Gather,What about our wedding??”Mu Ziyi has some guilt。
He also with the wind, Hao Cheng,Married after the card。