Thursday, June 1

Say goodbye to my mother Juxiu and set off lightly。No matter how hard Juxiu can’t bear,I can’t keep my daughter by my side forever,Let go when it’s time to let go。

Juxiu resisted the sadness of parting,It’s hard to say goodbye to Hetian Lu,Told her to take good care of herself。
Tian Lu wiped her tears,“Sarcasm”She has shallow tears,It’s not impossible to return。
Although so comforting mother,But she turned around and carried her mother and shed tears。
She didn’t take the bus or the subway。The transportation of choice is taxi,Due to luggage,Not much,No trouble taking a taxi。Taking a taxi is not covered by the company’s reimbursement,Spend some money but people are comfortable。
After arriving at the farm hotel,Tian Lu finished the formalities,The people arranged by the farmer took to see the house,Simple house,Basically satisfied。
After putting down the luggage,I always feel I have a place to stay。
To familiarize yourself with the environment as soon as possible,Plan to work the next day,She captures information first,Improve business。
Plan to visit media in the industrial park on the second day to find resources,Contact peers to work together。
Then plan to contact local business customers,Looking for cooperation opportunities。
A few days after she arrived in the industrial park,Dare not careless,Learn the strengths of other media,It is necessary to be familiar with the basic local situation and geographical environment in time,Track valuable news。At the end of the day,Soft legs、Backache,I don’t want to move when I lie down in the rental house every day。
Inadvertently,It’s already half a month since she came to the industrial park。
Stroke the work at hand,Several manuscripts were sent to the headquarters for review by Hu Dapeng,The work planned for the day is completed on the same day,I feel very relaxed。
Autumn at night、Comfortable temperature。She went to the rental room,Same as before,Fell asleep as soon as I lay on the bed,Due to bed early,at night10When I wake up after one o’clock,I can’t fall asleep tossing about in bed,The more tired you are, the less likely it is to fall asleep。Just get up and move around before going to sleep。
She is wearing loose mid-length white pajamas,I poured a cup of tea in the small living room,Walk to the balcony,Leaning against the handrail on the balcony to drink tea。
The night,Beautiful。