Thursday, June 1

Looking at Xiangyang’s back,Xiao Xiaoxiao promoted her brother loudly,I was so scared that Xiang Yang did not dare to turn back,Said directly“Can’t afford to climb”Fled。

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight Fate
Because the bedroom itself has a WeChat group to contact,So Xiangyang didn’t bother to build another group to send red envelopes。
Anyway, the cash pitted from Xiang Chen has never had a chance to spend all of it,So I just used the one that saved Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao for lunch。
Clean and neat when giving money,But after leaving the bedroom,Xiangyang feels distressed again,It feels like two hundred yuan is a bit too much!
Passed by Tian Dazhuang who was delivering,Xiangyang shouted cheer to him loudly!Obviously this is a metaphor that only Xiangyang Hetian Dazhuang knows,But he almost made Ota Da Zhuang hit the big tree on the roadside。
Xiangyang smiled beautifully,Tian Dazhuang on the other side is terrified,Even he knows that Xiangyang is now a man of Wanghai University。Beauty with hero since ancient times,Even if I can barely be regarded as Xiangyang’s uncle,But still be jealous of some people,Thus causing unnecessary trouble。
Hurriedly said hello and left,Tian Dazhuang is not alienated from Xiangyang,But also need self-protection。
For Tian Dazhuang’s hasty move,The sun is unknown so,But it’s understandable,After all, I am not Tian Dazhuang,There is not much need to explore in his life。
Walk to the bus stop,Seeing the classmates riding around on bicycles happily,Xiangyang’s face is still very envious,It’s just Yao Yao taught Xiangyang what he hasn’t learned for two weeks,In the end, Xiangyang, who decided that he had nothing to do with the bicycle, simply abandoned his martial arts.,I’m not learning the skill of bicycle!
“How about selling Xiang Chen’s car and buying a battery car??”
Watching the boys and girls,Xiangyang’s mind became active again。
Although there is also a shuttle bus from Wanghai University directly to Lingyun’s studio,Just don’t know why,Every time you go out,I always bump into those grandpas and aunts who go shopping,Buses that run every ten minutes or more,Xiangyang is not willing to wait for the next trip,I can only huddle with the uncles and aunts,Long time,Some of them cannot be named Xiangyang,But it’s already familiar。
The bus stops at the platform,Everything is the same as Xiangyang expected,Wuyangyang crowd,Among them are several faces that Xiangyang is more familiar with。
Wait for the car as usual,Xiangyang will be able to hear the driver’s master soon“go inside……go inside,What a big place behind!”
Go sideways to the middle of the carriage,Xiangyang couldn’t stand such a crowded environment at first,It’s just crowded more often,Not only gave birth to Xiangyang’s yearning for battery cars,Gradually got used to it。