Friday, March 31

As for family eating out,They have always been able to sit together and talk without quarreling,You can also have a special time to chat in a harmonious atmosphere。

Master Chen loves face,Unless drunk too much,Otherwise, I don’t want to fight outside,Feel too indecent。
Father Chen converged,Just talk about vegetables,Eat and drink,Things at work,Gossip of relatives and friends,Chen’s mother will not start the war lightly,Also willing to talk about these。
The tea maker will come here later,Because Chen Wenjin drinks a lot。
Mother Chen said:“Order cheaper tea next time,Let them be busy,We also spent money,Still feel uncomfortable。”
“What is this?Not bad for this money now。Eat when you come out,Don’t talk about money,Shame。”Lord Chen cut off the conversation immediately,He is always out,Used to enjoying various services,Not as uneasy as Mother Chen。
“I thought so,That pretty big sister’s job is to make tea,I think she has worked hard and should support her work,Increase her income,No one needs her skills anymore,Doesn’t she have to change careers??”Chen Wenjin knew that his mother was thinking of a few nieces who worked in the service industry in Pengshi,I feel tired,But forgot that this job has an extra commission。
“Hey,It’s not easy to make some money,It’s even more difficult for them to come out to work to earn money for the family。”Mother Chen thinks this is the truth,But feel more sad,At the end:“You have to study hard,You see how easy the work in the office is?There is nothing busy all day long,Chat and tea a day has passed,All are formal workers,High salary and good welfare,All college students,I joined the company……”
Mother Chen’s diploma worship lasted for many years,It is undoubtedly derived from her experience during work,She is so busy every day,Compare the state of the office,I feel that there is a big difference between heaven and earth,And make those,Because of the university diploma。
Mother Chen mentioned three words for college students,More than 20 years later, it will still shine in the conditioned eyes,That symbolizes an unattainable culture,But for higher diplomas,Mother Chen is just a sentence‘So awesome!’,Just passed,Probably because everything she saw during her work was a college degree。
Diploma qualifications are also limited by the concept of scarcity,Chen’s mother doesn’t understand in the future,Don’t understand now。
Chen Wenjin won’t talk about those useless,Just nodded and said okay。
however,I don’t know it’s a perfunctory attitude,It’s still because of the son Mo Ruo’s mother,Mother Chen actually said something:“Humph!You promised,Now that you can make money, you want to stop studying earlier!”
‘……Mother or mother!There is no such section in memory,Mother, this is a judgment based on changes in circumstances,It’s really what I think……’Chen Wenjin quickly said:“The windfall is temporary,Unless you can get a lot,How dare not to study?!”
Mother Chen didn’t say anything,But there was unbelief in his eyes。