Thursday, June 1

Her previous super magic wand is casting“Wall of Fire”Shattered when,This time it turned out to be a“ruling”Equally famous high-level weapon,For mage“Bone Jade Staff”。

This root“Bone Jade Staff”Crystal clear white,Almost as tall as one person,The shape is full of science fiction,It is very different from the standard equipment of the gods。
This root“Bone Jade Staff”One out,Mufeiyan’s mana soars,The whole body bloated up,No wind automatic,Faintly have a strong sense of oppression。
This time,Mu Feiyan did not use lightning,But directly pointed the bone jade in his hand,Under the influence of powerful mana fluctuations,In this closed phantom space,A sudden drop in temperature,Even in the void,All seem to have formed icy edges one after another。
That poor mutant monkey,Shivering with cold,It’s a pity that no one has time to pay attention to it at this time。
“Hero Lu,Protect me!”Mu Feiyan shouted sharply。
Lu Menglin nodded,Stride forward,Stopped in front of Mu Feiyan。
Mubuyan in the hand“Bone Jade Staff”PointedbossThe direction of the real body,Pause time,Dapeng’s ice and snow appeared in the void,Strong wind and ice ridges and snowflakes,Whizzing all the way,TowardsbossReal body smashed head-on。
Mubuyan’s blow,Even Bei Gongwang was shrouded in it,Ice and snow quickly covered,Sudden temperature change,To freeze everything。
“Ice roar!”Mufeiyan while drinking low,The magic power in the body is continuously injected“Bone Jade Staff”in。
Raging ice and snow,The frost generated seems to never stop,Flood the whole space。
this moment,Everyone’s lives feel threatened!
Lu Menglin couldn’t help but shiver,I thought it was《Ice roar》what!This trick is known as the mage in the gamepkExclusive stunt,Range attack,Powerful,And the magic attack has its own hysteresis effect,The enemy can’t run if they want。
Just look at Bei Gongwang on the opposite side and the real body of the Bull Demon King who just leaned out half of his body,Are all frozen,Snow and ice appeared on the body,You know how terrible this trick is。
Lu Menglin watched this scene,I can’t help but flash a thought,This chick looks pretty simple,Could it be a tiger eating a tiger??She held back this trick until now,Isn’t she trying to kill Bei Gongwang and the Bull Demon??
Ice roar’s big move,The movements of the bull demon king’s real body were immediately frozen,And the vitality is constantly weakening。
In a blink of an eye,The real body of the Bull Demon King is covered with a layer of crystal ice,And made a faint sound of clicking。
That is the body is invaded by cold air,The sound made when even the cells are frozen。
suddenly,Bei Gongwang was shocked,A large silver glow,will“Ice roar”Frost