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of course,He is a king,Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have much real power.。So Yinsang didn’t attack him。

But when I thought that my beautiful daughter would be arched by Liu Xing’s pig,He feels uncomfortable,So this day,He once again put the cancellation of the title of Earl Liu Xing on the agenda。
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Chapter four hundred and ninety six Heart-stuck king
The king of the Netherlands is a little depressed,Because of his proposal,The group of nobles below actually opposed。joke,Those who don’t oppose have long been eliminated by Yinsang。
Those people stood in line with the king before,Even various designs of Qin Feng and Yin Sang,The people of the Wind League were all killed by them。
Now that Yinsang has not killed them and these nobles smoothly, it is considered to have given them face。If they don’t know what to do, they still want to deprive Liu Xing of the earl title,Don’t think about it,Yin Sang will definitely clean up the third wave in the Netherlands。
of course,Now they heard that Yinsang is not in the Netherlands,But went to the Nordic countries to find trouble。
So at this time, although the king had a meeting with the nobles,,But I feel more relaxed。
Because in his opinion,Even if all the nobles are killed,Has nothing to do with him as a king。Anyway, it’s time to re-canonize,He has the final say on this after all。Find some wealthy businessmen,Let them donate money to the royal family,And then reward a noble status。
But at this moment,A guard hurried to the king’s side。
The latter frowned,“What are you doing in such a hurry?Etiquette?Where do you put royal etiquette?”
“His Majesty,I just received news from the airport,It seems that a Chinese named Qin Feng came here on a certain flight。The destination is our Netherlands。”