Friday, March 31

This set of spending money,It is still very useful in the eyes of some people。

Everyone is using their own understanding to interpret the romance they see in their eyes,It’s just that Xiangyang, as the protagonist, has a ruddy face,I can’t find another look anymore。
Xiangyang’s performance also made Zheng Ziling scratch his head,Judging from the program effect,I seem to have failed,But seeing the expression on Xiangyang’s face again,Zheng Ziling’s heart couldn’t help but produce some embers,You can start a prairie fire without extinguishing it。
Under the booze of the surrounding crowd,Xiangyang walks slowly towards Zheng Ziling。
Zheng Ziling pouted,I swallowed quietly,Is there a turning point??Facing the sun,Zheng Ziling inevitably always has hope。
“It cost a lot of money to decorate these things, right??”
Xiangyang approached Zheng Ziling,Asked quietly。
Zheng Ziling was taken aback,Thought about everything,But I never thought that Xiang Yang’s first sentence was actually concerned about his own expenses。
Zheng Ziling, who doesn’t know how to answer, stretched the end of the word uh very long,I turned my eyes a few times and couldn’t find a suitable answer。
“You are so rich,Did you go to the overnight shop and spend a lot of money??”
Thinking back to the dream Meng Bo told himself,Did not wait for Zheng Ziling to answer her first question,Xiang Yang asked the second question。
Zheng Ziling doesn’t even know how to answer in order to be a standard answer,Stand in place,As if he was the object of confession,At a loss。
“You know,I also made a little investment myself!”
Xiang Yang made a small gesture with Zheng Ziling,What she wants to express is that her investment is small,But Zheng Ziling only sees cuteness in this action,For a while, I looked a little silly。
“Xiang Chen often shelters me from wind and rain,When I really learned about tea, rice, oil and salt,I just knew,It turns out that some people can really work hard for ten yuan。Big Thousand World,All living beings,Completely different,Yet live together。I am not a virgin,But I still advise you,Don’t waste money like this in the future,If able,Please help more people in need。”