Friday, March 31


Xia Chenglong no longer entangled in this matter,Because whether it’s Lingxiao City or him,In fact, there is nothing wrong to some extent。
Heaven and Earth Cycle,karma!
They are in different environments,The tasks are naturally different。
“How do you plan to do it?”
“Be able to leave your way!”
This is a good answer,Show they are serious。
Now that they have locked up people, they won’t be anxious,After all, for the strong,They pay much attention to how to ensure that the battle experience is perfect。
Xia Chenglong must be serious,He turned and went back,Stop in front of the middle-aged man who passed by Yuan Shao。
This is Ke Qing from Qi Ling Pavilion,His boss is Tu Jia’s son-in-law,So it’s very delicious in Lingxiao City。
Xia Chenglong came here naturally to borrow the sword,The other hand is holding an ancient sword,Five feet of sword,Intermediate void,Waving at will, the wind and the sea,Is a good sword。
“This sword can be famous?”
The man lying on the ground was a little excited,This sword is going to be famous in Lingxiao City after all!
Xia Chenglong nodded:“I will make it famous!”
Whether it’s the guest of Qi Ling Pavilion,Or others,They don’t have any hatred,So we can communicate well。
The sword is a good sword,But it’s worse than his Zanglong,But at this kind of time, having a sword is already content,No need to worry about other things。