Friday, March 31

“Are you not convinced??”

Canaan Luo dare to say that,Naturally have a lot of confidence。
Because at the moment,Everything in the Yun family is not as good as him。
On Realm,He is taller than Yunfei,On Gongfa,What the Yun family depends on“Magic Cloud Jue”He has already thoroughly studied,As for the number,At this moment those who have been prepared should have arrived too!
“Do not,This is not shameless,Want to live,You must always work towards how to defeat your opponent。”Canaan Luo’s domineering lesson,“You think you have been in business for a long time,Don’t you know that I am also operating?Let you see my strength today。”
What Canaan Luo said is naturally the guys who have stayed on the road,After the other party yelled,Waiting for those people to appear around。
However, it is embarrassing,They did not show up。
“Canaan Luo,Are you waiting for us?”
Mo Qilin appeared to the side playfully,Take off the cloak,Looking at each other。
at the same time,Xia Chenglong and others also appeared in the field of vision,This battle becomes more and more interesting。
See Xia Chenglong,Canaan Luo’s instinctive retreat,He can’t figure it out,Why do people who should stay underground forever appear here。
“Oh……Jia Pai,There is very unfortunate news,Those of you don’t seem to be coming,They asked me to bring you a message,Said waiting for you in hell。”
Every word of Mo Qilin is like a knife,Pierce each other hard。
The original army is now lonely,This kind of momentary reversal is not something ordinary people can bear。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Six Resolve grievances
The originally dangerous situation of the Yun family reversed again,With Xia Chenglong and the others joining,The balance of victory in this battle no longer favors Canaan Luo。
Xia Chenglong walked over,Other people faintly surround it。
“Canaan Luo,Six freshman,Who do you think is more likely to win?”
“Hahaha,Mob,What if you Xia Chenglong are here,You will still die today。”