Friday, March 31

“Chuangzi,Don’t listen to Qiangwei’s nonsense,She was just jealous of my perfect look like Xin Zhao,High strength,Although she is pretty,But I won’t like her。”

“It turned out to be hate because of love,Xin Ye Niu Batch!”
Except Liu Chuang,Needless to say Qilin in the back seat,I already know about Xin Zhao’s character by this time,Even Rui Mengmeng seems to understand。
Qiangwei is very speechless,If you can,She really wants to leave now,There is no way,She saw Xin Zhao, a bitch,There is an urge to hang him。
and many more!
Qiangwei looked ahead,Look at the back row“Xin Zhao,Now this car is full,Then take Ge Xiaolun’s words,I can’t sit down anymore!”
Xin Zhao doesn’t need to think too much,I know Qiangwei definitely doesn’t want to see Ge Xiaolun,And he originally wanted to use Qiangwei to hook up Ge Xiaolun,Then just say a few words,By then, this guy Ge Xiaolun,Not yet caught。
“Xin Zhao,If i go back,Then you can sit in the back row!”
I heard Qiangwei’s message,Xin Zhao was directly excited。
“can,Qiangwei, go home first,Remember that Sister Lena ordered some special dishes,Let’s get together at night,Class will start tomorrow!”
‘This bitch,Created a chance for you,You cheated me!’
Qiangwei smiled at Xin Zhao,Then nod“I know,I will order more,It’s just that my money doesn’t seem to be enough,Xin Zhao, please give me some!”
Speaking of the word money,Xin Zhao also remembered。