Thursday, June 1

Lower your head and continue to eat,Spicy fried fresh clams taste quite good,Should have another one,“Big brother,Here is another clam,More spicy,Thank you。”

Yangliu tilted his head and waited for a long time,Waiting for the eldest child to be his head alone,Who knows he just glanced at himself,Want something to eat,Isn’t he not as attractive as clams??
I’m so mad at her!
The bold woman started to open a beer and poured herself another glass,Raise your neck,A full glass of beer came in again,This time I am completely confused,Seeing everything is ghosting。
Stand up staggeringly,A fart-I sat next to Zhao Zhennan,Arms around his neck,Alcohol sprayed on his face,Raise his chin with one hand,“Handsome boy,Sister is not pretty?”
Alive a hooligan!
Zhao Zhennan is a beautiful teenager in adolescence,Taller than willow,Just sitting on a stool,Also much taller than willow。
There is a beautiful woman on her not generous body,The white face turned red uncontrollably,Struggling hard but not dare to exert effort,“Sister, you drank too much,Let me go!”
“Hold on,Sister likes beautiful little meat,You hurry up,Sister is not pretty?”
Zhao Zhennan’s face is red,Sister who drinks too much is terrifyingly strong,He can’t get rid of,Just trapped in the claws,“Pretty,Pretty,Sister is the most beautiful woman in the world。”
Yangliu got the answer he wanted to hear,Laughed,Let go of him crookedly,“now it’s right,I dare to ignore my sister,Just clean up you!”
Chapter Sixty Two See you girl again
Yangliu made a threatening move,Scared Zhao Zhennan to retreat,Those who watched the excitement laughed,So happy。