Friday, March 31

In the past two years,Suffered a lot。Okay,He doesn’t play much,This time I spent more than 100,000 yuan on this bionic porcelain,Heavier。

therefore,So let him be willing?Take advantage of this opportunity,Please help from a master。
his friends,That’s the level,Old Li still has a fluke mentality,I hope it’s my friend。Although he is not poor,But more than 100,000 is not a small number。
Someone picked up one on the plate“Fruit”,Watched for a while,Can’t help shaking his head,Then put down,Can’t bear to hit this sad-faced colleague。
“See!is not it?The flaw is too obvious。”Old Li’s friend said helplessly。
The people in the live room were disappointed,I thought it was a great treasure,I didn’t expect it to be a fake,What a pity。and,Even if it’s a fake,So pretty,They are also willing to display it!
“Unimaginable,Fake it so lifelike,The cost should be high?”
“Current technology,Is it difficult to make one exactly the same??”
“Is not difficult,But then there is no art at all。So-called artwork,Is to be made by hand,Instead of something synthesized by modern technology。”
Chairman Fang didn’t watch it this time,Because so many people said it was fake,The flaw should be obvious,There is no need for him to act。
Hu Yang leaned forward,Glancing at the treasure hunt,A surprised look on his face。
Seeing Lao Li’s face is bitter,Can’t help but ask:“This porcelain,How much did you buy?”
Which pot is this without mentioning which pot?Still sprinkling salt on other people’s wounds?Young people now,I really don’t know how to wink,Many people thought。
Lao Li watched Populus for a while,Found that this person was not the one he started,Just answer truthfully:“One hundred and fifty thousand!”
“Do you want to transfer?”
As soon as this word comes out,Everyone stared at Populus violently。All said it was fake,you still want?Is it,You thought you were better than so many people?Think it’s true?
The people in the live broadcast room are also confused,I haven’t figured out Brother Hu’s intentions yet。