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Haven’t seen Brooks·Before this friend of Kanter,Chen Geng unconsciously gave a personal portrait of this unlucky old man:50Early age,But because of his poor life, he looked like he was fast70Year old man,A mess of hair,Maybe he still drank all year round,Has a peculiar rosacea due to perennial alcoholism,I still have a smell of wine,Wobbly……
In short,Not much better than the tramp on the street,Maybe to see myself,He will clean up himself specially,But some sequelae of perennial alcoholism are always indispensable——Although Brooks·Kanter has already introduced Chen Geng to this man,And personally pledged to the other party,But Chen Geng still gave a question mark in his heart:Credible information,What do you need to do in the interview?
But after seeing this guy with my own eyes,Chen Gengcai realized that he was thinking a little too much,Brooks·The person Kanter introduced,Although the wrinkles on the face are deep,But the whole person is very clean,The beard on the face is shaved cleanly,Standard pilot-specific inch positions,Not only doesn’t feel like drinking all year round,Instead, the waist is straight,1Meter75The left and right figures are not bloated or out of shape at all,It looks very capable,If it’s not that you don’t wear military uniform,Give Chen Geng the feeling that this is a strict old instructor,The only thing that allowed Chen Geng to see that this guy’s financial conditions were not adequate,It’s the slightly whitish military uniform on his body and the unique tiredness on his face due to the pressure of life,But even if it’s such a white-washed military uniform,Also clean,I don’t see a pleat after ironing。
In general,For this one is Barry·Hamp’s FrontA-1“Sky Raider”Attack aircraft andA-7“pirateII”Dual pilot,Chen Geng feels very good。
“Barry·Mr. Hamp, right?,”Chen Geng reached out to each other:“Hello there,I am fernandez·Chen,Yes,It’s that Fernandez·Chen。”
“Mr. Fernandez,Hello,”This is Barry·Hampoo’s brother shook Chen Geng’s hand hard:“Very honored to meet you,You are a big man in the legend。”
“Haha……You are a great speaker。”
Chen Geng laughed twice,Did not deny this,In the United States and the world,There shouldn’t be many people who haven’t heard of their name。Paused,Chen Geng pointed to the one not far behind himA-1“Sky Raider”To Barry·Hamp said:“Mr. Hamp,Mr. Kanter introduced you,I believe you have got some necessary information from Mr. Kanter,Right?”
“Yes,”Barry·Hamp holds his head high:“Mr. Kanter told me,You have established a defense contracting company together with some very powerful friends,Then modified a batch‘Sky Raider’Attack aircraft,Prepare to contract some low-intensity flight missions such as battlefield patrols from the U.S. overseas military operations。”
“That’s right,”Chen Geng nodded:“be honest,Your first impression on me is very good,before this,After hearing that your personal financial situation is not very good,I thought you were a sloppy image、An alcoholic who completely abandoned his professional skills,But now it seems,You have always managed yourself well,It makes me very happy,It seems that Mr. Kanter did not recommend anyone who is unreliable……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng stared at Barry·Hamp:“But Mr. Hamp,Your physical condition is here,You already54Years old,You are sure that your physical condition can continue to perform battlefield missions?”
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“report!I think my physical condition is completely fine,”Barry·Hamp’s back,Hands behind your back,Said loudly to Chen Geng:“Mr,If you watched my profile carefully,You should know,Driving in meA-1‘Sky Raider’After the attack aircraft is retired,I accepted againA-7‘pirateII’Modification training of carrier-based attack aircraft,And driving successfullyA-7The carrier-based attack aircraft continues to serve in the Navy11year。
After retiring from the Navy,I continue to work as an instructor at an aviation school in Alaska,Until some time ago, the aviation school I worked in closed down due to poor management,I’m the best flight instructor in this aviation school,I still keep running every day5Kilometer long run,My physical fitness is absolutely fine,And can accept any form of testing。”
“There must be a physical test,But not now,”Chen Geng nodded:“Mr. Hamp,Can you answer one of my questions first?”
“Would you please。”