Thursday, June 1

Can’t go on like this,I have to consolidate the foundation of warm fans,Brush down the good feelings。

Wen Yunyun calculated the time,Hurry to the warm and warm classroom。
Finally ended get out of class,Warm and warm, looking out the window,I saw Wen Yunyun’s fake smile,And greeted her with shaking hands。
Frowning warmly——Where i am,Wen Yunyun is here,Then nothing good has happened。
Ugh,Again。Sighed warmly,The corner of the mouth draws a smile,Out of the classroom。
“Warm,Here。”Wen Yunyun has a cordial tone。
“I know,Sister coming this time,What’s the matter?”Warm and warm respond kindly,But the difference is that she chose to get straight to the point。
“younger sister,Take a look,Let’s let Qin Shuhui come back to school,See her beg you that day,Quite unpleasant。”
Wen Yunyun was really serious,There seems to be concern about Qin Shuhui in his eyes。
One“we”,Successfully raised Wen Yunyun’s image。I probably just wanted to tell the students:Wen Yunyun wants Qin Shuhui back,But warm and indifferent,I don’t see Qin Shuhui well。
What a detail weird。
“sister,Are you dissatisfied with sister’s decision??”Warm and sneered,Leaning against the wall。
Wen Yunyun,You pretend to be innocent,The ability to pretend to be kind has grown。
The white lotus and green tea are done for you Wen Yunyun,No wonder the previous life was so stupid that you didn’t find your true face。
Thought of this,There is another feeling in the warm heart。
“Not sister,You say so sister,Sister is sad……I think,Qin Shuhui, a girl’s family,No books to read,Doesn’t affect her well。”
Wen Yunyun’s tone must be gentle and gentle,To appear to be as considerate as you are。
Two campus celebrities gather,It must have attracted the attention of the surrounding students。
The classmates have been paying attention to their every move,For fear of missing a little gossip。