Friday, March 31

1994year7month16day,China Energy International successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange,This is an important news of milestone significance。

China’s first overseas listing and financing,Opened a new lane of rapid development for Chinese enterprises。
of course,This also means,Foreign investors can buy stocks,Invested in Huaxia Enterprise,China National Capital is eroded by foreign capital—This is something。
Blessed by the great news from the previous day,Beginning of listing,Zhongneng International’s stock was sold out in an instant,Stock prices are advancing all the way。
From the beginning12USD per share,Soared to22USD,China Energy International’s financing amount is as high as 625 million US dollars!
China Energy International’s listing was a big success!
However, just as the nation celebrates the success of Zhongneng International Icebreaking,Ten o’clock in the morning,Located in the new office of Zero Fund not far from the NYSE,Ushered in five uninvited guests。
They are Steven˙Green,Yuichiro Takuya, President of Sakura Fund,Bruce, President of Maya Fund Management˙Churchill,AXA Capital General Manager Nehru˙Sikh,Of course there is also Sato Junji。
These four hedge funds are not well-known at this time,Because they are the same as zero funds,Are all newly established funds,But the general managers of these four funds are very famous。
Add Sato Junji,They have another title,Respectively are“1993Top 10 most profitable traders on Wall Street of the year”Third in、fourth、fifth、seventh、Ninth place!
To know,These five people are all big names who can shake Wall Street.,They got together with Junji Sato。
It seems that they are all coming for Mexican pesos,It’s really unkind!
I guess this is what David said last week,Many excellent traders on Wall Street jumped out to go it alone,Refers to them!