Thursday, June 1

He fixed it all,Then he can get Qiao An’an,How could it be possible to give any compensation to a defeated opponent?!

Xiao Fan looked at Huang Siye without saying a word,I guessed what he thought,So I returned to the previous position and sat down,Said:“how?Figured it out?If you want to understand,Let’s talk about compensation!”
“I,I tell you,You never want to get a penny,Compensation,I warn,warn you,This club is mine,you,If you dare,Dare to do anything,I immediately,Call the police immediately,”Huang Siye finished,Also raised the phone in my hand。
Xiao Fan sneered,Made a“Please help yourself”Gesture。
Fourth Master Huang was really pissed off by Xiao Fan’s arrogance,Really take out the phone,Police call,But something strange happened,No matter how Huang Siye presses the phone button,No numbers are displayed on the phone,And also displayed on the top of the phone“no service”The words。
Fourth Master Huang raised his head in horror and looked at Xiao Fan with a smile on his face.,Is it possible that all of this is caused by this man,But how is this possible?
He knows the function of the phone better,Even when there is no signal,The police phone can also be dialed out。
But the current situation tells him,His mobile phone is now a display,In other words, no matter what happens to him in this room now,No one from outside will know。
Even if he died in this person’s hands,No one will find this man’s head。
“Patter”Fourth Master Huang couldn’t hold one of his hands firmly,The phone fell to the ground。
Fourth Master Huang looked down at the phone that fell on the floor,Then he looked at Xiao Fan, who was already walking towards him。
At this time, Xiao Fan was holding a machete that he didn’t know where he got it from,Bright,Fourth Master Huang felt an unprecedented fear in his heart。
Xiao Fan stopped one meter away from Fourth Master Huang,Picking up the machete in his hand, Ruoruuowu, shaking it in front of Fourth Master Huang for a few times,Just said:“Don’t you look familiar with this machete??I got this from your men。”
Fourth Master Huang sat there limply,Said with horror:“you,What do you want to do?”
Xiao Fan shook his head,Said helplessly:“Is it possible that your brain is really bad??Of course we are here to talk about compensation,If you still don’t cooperate,I don’t mind coloring this machete in my hand。”
At this time, Huang Siye had already collapsed,He believes that Xiao Fan can definitely do such a thing,So I had to say tremblingly:“it is good,it is good,How do you want to compensate?”
Xiao Fan sees Huang Siye compromised,I’m back to where I was just sitting,Fiddle with the machete in his hand,While saying:“I heard from your subordinates just now,You plan to chop off my hands,Then it depends on how you price the value of your two hands。”