Friday, March 31


Chapter six hundred and fifteenth Upstart
Several security guards came,In the end, Niu Qiuye took the initiative to stop。
See him so generous,Choose Xishiningren,Many guild members present suddenly liked him greatly。
What else did Miss Zheng say?,Niu Qiuye also patted the shoulder,Stopped。
“Don’t worry,I won’t just let him go。Hold on。”Niu Qiuye clings to Miss Zheng’s shoulder,Whispered。
Miss Zheng knows that Niu Qiuye is not a good crop,I had to suppress the fire,Forbearance。
“Can i have a few words with you alone?”Lu Menglin frowned and asked。
Su Xuehen hasn’t had time to answer,Leng Yuexue yelled directly next to him。
“Hey!Overlord Aotian!You’re too loyal, right?!All friends,Why are you looking for Sister Xuehen to chat alone??I do not care,I want to listen!”Leng Yuexue yelled。
Su Xuehen smiled:“First time meeting,Anything to say alone?”
“I don’t believe you don’t recognize me。Snow marks,Don’t be afraid,I have the power to protect you,I am here,No one can hurt you!”
“This is not in the game,I don’t need anyone to protect。Overlord Aotian,I can’t understand you!”Su Xuehen smiled。
“You follow me!We leave here!”Lu Menglin said solemnly。
This remark,The guild members around are all laughing。
Do they think this guy is crazy?First time meeting,Actually want to take Leng Yue Wuhen away?
He must not know,Su Xuehen is the school flower of Hong Kong Island Women’s University,I don’t know how many brothers are lining up to take her away!
A gamer,Relying on a little equipment in the game,Plus a hot temper,Actually want to take the goddess away,Isn’t this a foolish dream??