Thursday, June 1


Michelle·W·Apple is gone,Leilani·Tyler is out too,When I come back again,She took someone directly to another building in the manor。
This building is mainly used for rest and relaxation for the manor security staff,at the same time,Statham’s manor office is also in this building,And at the moment,Statham is in the hall,Casually leaning on the small bar and chatting with a few veterans,See Leilani·The people Taylor brought in,Statham greeted casually:“George,Sit down,Well……Want something to drink?”
No one else,Michelle·W·Apple’s predecessor,George·Walker。
Statham’s tone is very gentle,But George·Walker is very careful,Said carefully with the smiley face:“Coffee is good……”
“Then coffee。”
Statham nodded,Snapped his fingers at the veteran who was temporarily serving as a bartender in the small bar
George·Walker sat restrained on the high chair in front of the small bar,But I feel so nervous!
It’s just that this one looks good with a smile、The guy who seems harmless to humans and animals is the most loyal dog under Mr. Fernandez,With his order,Not only lostAMCSeat of the Chairman of the Auto Workers Association,And was sent to prison for a few years,It’s him,Not only took myself out of the prison,And made myself a security service company、A medium gun shop、The owner of two bars and a used car dealer,Become a multi-millionaire that everyone envy,even,I’m still the boss of two blocks from Detroit,It belongs to the kind that ordinary people have extremely good cards。
But George·Walker knew,If you make the guy who smiles nice and gentle in front of you upset,He can easily take everything he has at any time。
“Don’t be so nervous,”Watching george·Walker looks nervous,Statham laughed:“George,Calling you over this time,There are some things for you to do……Well,Some guys don’t listen to Epple’s greetings,It’s not good,very bad,As a subordinate,Non-stopboss’S greeting is a terrible thing,and so……”
Facing the gaze of Statham’s scrutiny,George·Walker nodded hurriedly:“I understand what to do,To what extent?”
“We are not blackSmeeting,”Statham smiled:“Definitely can’t kill,Well……As long as these guys don’t show up in the union chairman race next month.,It’s not difficult to do?”
“Not difficult!”George·Walker agreed without hesitation:“Just leave it to me。”