Thursday, June 1

The most important thing every qualified subordinate should do,Unconditional obedience,Xiao Fan should arrange everyone’s tasks clearly,Instead of following their temperament,Who do you want to do with,Do whatever you want。

Everyone has their own responsibilities,Fortunately, both Shen Lin and Su Ran are discerning people,They know what they should do,What not to do。
So these things are a very good measure for them.,Shen Lin will continue to handle the things he should handle at the new base。
Then Su Ran may be temporarily transferred to complete a task,Of course Xiao Fan will arrange a helper for her。I won’t let Su Ran complete these tasks alone。
After all, sometimes if you have a helper,May do things very effective,Xiao Fan hopes this matter can be resolved as soon as possible,A certain effect that can be solved as soon as possible。
This is what Xiao Fan really wants,He most wants to see the expressions of those people who have thrown themselves into the net,I thought I had already laid a net,But I didn’t expect to end up with a basket full of water.,Was calculated by others,Is this a counterintuitive plan?。
Xiao Fan likes to deal with people like this very much,But he has been too busy recently,If you are not busy with this project,Xiao Fan will resolve this matter by himself,Because he really thinks this task is really interesting。
No wonder Su Ran is so happy,Su Ran has heard that there is a new task, which is even better.,I’ve been joking with Shen Lin。
Shen Lin was quite helpless to tell her:“You are so happy to go out on a mission alone。”
Su Ran smiled and said:“I’m bored,I have been training with my brothers these days,Although it can help them,But I always feel like being with you,Do something boring,Very boring。
I still hope to go on mission with my little sisters,To punish those bad guys,In this way, I feel more meaningful。”
Shen Lin smiled dozingly,Then say:“alright,As you like,I can see it too,It’s been so boring to stay here recently,At first I thought two weeks would be a lighter punishment for you。
But did not expect,Two weeks is also an ordeal for you。”