Friday, March 31

“You are all students,Everyone is classmate,No need to do it this way!”Principal Ye feels that he is just looking at it from the school’s perspective,Two students don’t have a claim that whose life is more important。He just feels,Since it is a student,Mainly learning,Why should we divide life and death in the end??Can’t be a man of righteousness under the guidance of the teacher?

But when he met Qin Feng’s eyes,The indifference of the latter made him feel chill。
But he quickly understood,In this world,There are actually few so-called saviors。
“Young man,Now i feel more,You should follow me。”Headmaster Ye suddenly changed the subject,The reason for saying this,Because he felt,If you can move Qin Feng back to the right path with your own ability,This will be a great merit!
This is why students need recommendation letters when enrolling。Because they value character,And those who can write recommendation letters,I’ve basically been seen by this principal,Probably understand what those people are。
of course,Actually in his opinion,Qin Feng’s style is also acceptable。It’s just an extreme question
Question,This type of people think more about themselves。
“No, Principal Ye。You said before that you didn’t want to let me go because you suspected that I was a spy。But now that I’m sure I’m really a student in your school。Shouldn’t this let me go?Besides, I think,Even the principal, you think I did something wrong。Then I should leave this college,As the saying goes。”
Qin Feng started talking nonsense,Anyway, he doesn’t want to stay with these two old men。Because he already understood,These two are idealists,Even to realize their ideals or somethingbī)Crazy。Qin Feng feels that he should stay away from such people。
He didn’t sacrifice himself to perfect others!
“I can’t let you go anyway,You can only stay with us these days。”
“You have the ability to kill me!”Qin Feng doesn’t make sense at this time。Anyway, since he found that Headmaster Ye is so decent,I won’t really do it to him。
Just like this,Qin Feng can sprinkle at will!
“You have to work!”
“I do not!”
At this time, the two people quarreled just like a child。