Thursday, June 1

Tian Lu is like in the carbon fire,I am afraid that the questions asked by the reporter may citeakyeGet angry,Can’t there be anything wrong,If giveakeyHave a bad impression,It’s completely cold after a little caution。

After hearing the question,The scene becomes noisy,Like asking the right idea,Foreign reporter whistling,Some are local extroverted female reporters screaming,The reporter’s question was correct to many people present“appetite”。
Ding Kelan stayed for a few seconds,Very serious answer:“not yet,There will definitely be。”
Tian Lu’s courage from nowhere,Raise the microphone,Self-assertively speaking into the microphone:“Friends from the press,Please pay attention to the key points,Ask some questions about Shenglan International Optoelectronics products,Because today’s theme is the new product exhibition and sales conference。If you ask private questions,We will arrange an appropriate time for everyone to ask。”
The reporters heard what she said,Reflect on your professional ethics,Just enough,Closer to home。The reporters began to ask armed questions,Follow the normal procedure,The interview is on the right track。
Tian Lu holding the microphone on the side almost slumped on the stairs on one side,On the forehead、Sweat on my hands,Heartbroken。
She didn’t know after the press conference,akeyWill you blame her,she was
I don’t know where the courage came from just now,Is it professional or just to protectakey。For Tian Lu,It’s an uncomfortable new product exhibition and sales conference。
Tian Lu didn’t hear their questions and answers clearly.,Orderly,Hand over the microphone,She and Chen Amei are complementary,When Tian Lu didn’t deliver it,Chen Amei will definitely go forward,This is called learning well,Affected by Tian Lu,Chen Amei sees the situation,Become more intellectual and knowledgeable。
After the new product fair, the nervous scene finally passed。
Tian Lu and Chen Amei send off reporters,Several companies and local officials on the exiting podium are gradually entering the background.,I saw reporters rushing forward,To be with the youngest、Talentedakyegroup photo,akyeVery friendly,Smiling with reporters,Seems to be an idol among them,Become a worshipped steamed bun。
Tian Lu was wearing a red professional attire and looked at the reporter surrounded byakye,Smile like a peach blossom。
Ding Kelan is in the crowd,I swept her inadvertently,Smiled at her and nodded。
Even with a slight glance,Just let Tian Lu think about it,I feel my heart beating outside my chest,“Thump thump”Heartbeat expands hundreds of times。
First241chapter worry
After Ding Kelan took a group photo,I went straight to the entrepreneur forum,Ran a few steps with the reporter who filmed and stopped。
Some flipped through the shots,I still haven’t talked about it。Reporters have always been interested in the legendary newcomers,It’s rare to see,Just take the opportunity today,Take a few more shots,It’s just a profit。Not to mentionakey Is so low-key,So that few people know his real name,Not many people have seen him。But it is rumored that he is a young man,It’s not enough to make the company so strongOKUp,They all think he is an upstart who should be exposed to the spotlight,However, it is not。
Tian Lu stood in the corridor of the press conference,Looking at the luxurious interview lineup just now,Now empty,In front of the rostrum, stroking Ding Kelan’s microphone,Infinite emotion。
Phone rang,Xia Meihan called。