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but,These are not things that Liu Wenzhang can control,He already knows Wu Hao’s attitude is enough。

Chapter One Thousand and Eighty Two Sacred mountain
“So this is the Anger Slasher!What attributes?Let me take a look?”Tu Shanming yelled aside again。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Threw the Anger Slayer to him。
“I go!15% increase in combat power?With tearing effect?There is an unknown attribute,Need special blood to open?”Tu Shanming was surprised。
Compared with this rage weapon,His iron knives have become popular!It’s not a level at all!
Nothing else,Just 15% increase in combat power,Already completely crushed,Not to mention there is a tearing effect that can greatly increase the damage。
Tu Shanming has never heard of it anyway,Which weapon actually has this peculiar effect。
Lu Menglin was also surprised secretly,After handing this Anger Slasher to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion,I somehow fell into the Temple of Miracles again,But this magic soldier seems to have undergone some tempering,With new attributes and effects。
When this Anger Slasher was in my hands before,But no tearing effect,Did not show that unknown attribute。
but,Real power effect,I have to fight with people before I know。
Now that the four have selected the magic soldiers,Next is the ceremony of preparing for the fusion of the gods。
Only forty-level gods who have experienced this ceremony,Is truly stepping into the realm of the strong,Because the fusion of the gods and soldiers will greatly increase the power of the light pattern in their bodies,Produce amazing effects from quantitative change to qualitative change。
There are only forty-level strong men who have been merged with magic weapons,Has greater potential,Able to hit the level after level 43。
Those who have not experienced the fusion of the gods and soldiers,Will basically stop at level 43,And then the follow-up is weak,No way to break through。