Thursday, June 1

“Nothing,Meet individual!”Yin Sang explained。

“No problem seeing you,It’s really hard to tell if you want to take me to meet other people elsewhere。After all, it’s in the limelight now,I must be taught a lesson!”Qin Feng shook his head。
“My mentor wants to see you。”In this situation,Yinsang doesn’t hide it anymore。
Makeninlovich?”Qin Feng asked。
Yinsang nodded,Then I looked at him seriously。
Qin Feng did not reply immediately,But in thinking。
Makninlovich,Qin Feng said he didn’t understand。I even heard that this person is still related to Yinsang。of course,This tutor often attends classes in the dark Jin class。Qin Feng is actually familiar with it。
However, how many students dare to say that they know the class teacher??
Qin Feng is analyzing,At this time, why did the teacher Lovech approach him?。
“Where is the meeting place?”Qin Feng asked。
“In the tutor’s dormitory。rest assured,Still in the college,He won’t do it!”Yin Sang said。
Even with Yinsang’s guarantee,Qin Feng is still a little bit scared。
It’s not that Yinsang can’t be trusted,It’s just that Yinsang really trusts Lovech.?
of course,In the end Qin Feng followed Yinsang,It’s just that Qin Feng’s PA has been pinched in his hand。
Okay,The so-called tutor’s dormitory is not only a room,In addition to the living room kitchen and other equipment。It can be considered an excellent living environment。
According to the college,The tutor can even drag the family to live in the school。