Friday, March 31

I have to say that both Yun Yun and Bo Feng Shuimen belong to the same category,In order to protect my home,I don’t hesitate to sacrifice myself,Such spirit is really admirable。

Wu Xing:Don’t be too humble,The chat group is far stronger than you think。
Shen Ziyao:Yes,The chat group is only one level now,Wait until two levels、After level 3,You wouldn’t think so。
Tony:what?Chat group and level?
Flower pity:Wow,Brother Wuxing,Sister Ziyao, are you true??Can ordinary people like Hua Lian become better??
Hexi:I always feel that the chat group I see now is the tip of the iceberg。
If you see Hua Lian,And the bubbling Pipixi,Wu Xing smiled,Decided to teach them about the chat group function。
Ding:The owner uploaded two pictures。
First picture,It is the level of the chat group and the screenshot of the open function,The second picture is a screenshot of Wu Xing strengthening the body。
Tony:Two-level chat groups are so much more versatile?
Flower pity:That’s not to say that you can upgrade as long as you invite another person to the chat group?
Tyrant:Didn’t you see the second picture?。
A word from Xiongba,Let the chat group fall into a short silence。