Friday, March 31

“Oh,Is such that,This guy said to fight with me,And then fight me desperately,Just lift the bar,I play 500,000 rounds,He was actually ready to press thousands of dollars,You say i can have fun here?”

The security personnel hesitated for a while and said,“I will help you find a manager。”
After talking about the security personnel, they contacted through the intercom。
But Jinjiu saw Qin Feng gritted his teeth here,“Kid,Don’t youbī)I。I don’t want to trouble
“What do you want,Just say you want to drop it!”Qin Feng is like a little bastard。
“Ha ha.”
Jinjiu sees a sneer,But the two sides have reached the point of tearing their faces,So he wasn’t talking to Qin Feng,Maybe the next moment only needs an opportunity,He will burst out immediately。
And at this moment,The dealer reminded,“Mr,Look at the cards。”
Qin Feng placed half a million bets,Jinjiu saw no bet,But these casinos have normal procedures,So Qin Feng needs to draw。
Qin Feng doesn’t bother to do anything,Just flip the cards。
Other people are depressed,You might as well not watch?The issue is,The livelihood of watching cards is whoever has more money is watching the cards。
But okay,Qin Feng’s flop is nine points,Other people just feel uncomfortable。