Thursday, June 1

Huang Shaotian and Liu Wenzhang suddenly showed incredulous expressions on their faces。

This is the Princess of God City!In her capacity,Do you still need to participate in the seed contest??This is the first time I heard。
“I don’t need to participate in the previous preliminaries,If you can make the top ten,Have a chance to fight with me!”Princess Huanhai smiled。
Lu Menglin smiled,Tao:“That’s great!There must be a chance to see the strength of Her Royal Highness。”
“Ok,You don’t have to keep your hands。We each compete by ability。”Princess Huanhai nodded,Said with a serious face。
“it is good!We only divide the victory,Life and death。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“Good sentence,Life and death!Brother Wu really proud!Why don’t you ask me,Why participate in the seed contest?”Princess Huanhai blinked,Asked with a smile。
Lu Menglin stared at her big beautiful eyes,Say word by word:“Everyone has their own ideas。The strong must fight,No reason!”
“Brother Wu,Haven’t you traveled through Tianzun God City??Why don’t you play with me?Anyway, the game will officially start tomorrow。”Princess Huanhai smiled and invited。
Lu Menglin pondered slightly,Nodded generously。
Chapter one thousand and forty three Temple of Miracles
How about you guys?Want to go together?”Princess Huanhai smiled slightly,Asked。
Liu Wenzhang’s eyes rolled twice,Quickly shook his head and smiled bitterly:“No more,I won’t go。I suddenly remembered,I still have something to do!”
“I anyway.That what,Why are you staring at me?”Tu Shanming is about to answer,In the end, Liu Wenzhang glared fiercely,Surprised face。
Huang Shaotian sees it,Said quickly:“Tu Shanming,I’m going to the market to buy some medicine,You stay with me!”
Tu Shanming came to understand,OK!These two guys,Is to let Wu Hao and His Royal Highness be alone!