Friday, March 31

“This world has no friends forever,There is no permanent enemy,How to turn the enemy into your own friend?”

Huang Zetao talks to himself,But did not deliberately lower the volume。
“Shao Huang is so optimistic about this person?”
The people around asked。
“Very optimistic!Everyone saw,Those martial arts team are still insisting except Zheng Ziling,Everyone else lost。”
Huang Zetao looks at the ring,People around him also have pertinent analysis。
“Martial arts now,Mostly practice routines for extra points,The essence of national arts left by the ancestors,Either banned or abandoned。Those in the martial arts team,Okay for a show,But in the ring,Not enough。Their physique is better than ordinary people,But lack of actual combat experience,Not like Huang Shao,Taekwondo is imported from abroad,But the focus is on actual combat,If Huang Shao doesn’t have a relapse,,Maybe we can rewrite the record of Wanghai University this year。”
No trace of flattery is very useful,However, Huang Zetao is not enough to be slapped by someone around him。
“Let’s look at the sea,There are many masters,But one punch can cause my old injuries,I’m afraid this is the only one!”
Chapter Sixty Six There is a monster on the ring
“Wanghai City,The person who can cause my old wounds after a punch,Only him!”
Huang Zetao admits very angry,I’m not as good as Xiang Chen,It’s just that when he played against Xiang Chen,Xiang Chen’s knocking on the door turned the art into a punch。