Friday, March 31

Wang Shuai is secretly funny about Qiangwei,But not interested in rebutting,I just said something to Chen Wenjin:“You really like not playing cards,Obviously can earn him eight points,Have to be two or three points。”

“Please eat something,Or something we eat everyday,For me, it’s just a little bit of kindness,But want to earn him eight points of gratitude,This is too unfair, right?He will pay even a little kindness,Should be paid with a small effort。The exploitation of people in the textbook is material,Then do you think spiritual exploitation is exploitation?”Chen Wenjin asked with a smile,Wang Shuai listen,Thinking,Laughed,Then he held the cup and said:“No one can eliminate,But you can choose not to do this kind of thing。drink——”
Wang Shuai this cup,Drinking is regret,Regret shouldn’t bring rose。
otherwise,He thinks Zhao Xunli,Enough for him to have a good chat with Chen Wenjin。
But now,Wang Shuai can’t say what he really thinks,He feels like this,Kind of boring,He doesn’t like having roses around him in the way。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Five Destiny’s Energy Source
As for what Qiangwei moved him not long ago?
After moving……
Drank,Chen Wenjin doesn’t want to drive,Wang Shuai proposed to open a house nearby,It does save trouble。
When lying down,Wang Shuai kept Qiangwei busy for a while,Watching her gargling out,Take off his socks again,Busy but can’t even see the bored eyes,He couldn’t help but smile,Asked:“Alive in pain,What kind of experience?”
“……Just pain。It’s like I can’t sleep when I’m tired,or……”Qiangwei thought,I don’t know how to describe it to make Wang Shuai understand,Pain is a description of emotions,People have had that time,But still asked what the pain is,How can this be explained??
“I don’t know your pain,But i know what pain is。If it is a pain to live with the hard work of pursuit,It’s also a pain to live hard without pursuing。I think Chen Wenjin’s most amazing place is,He can really live without pursuing and enjoy life,Generally you have to find a pursuit or hobby to paralyze yourself,But he doesn’t seem to need it。I really don’t know how he did it——”That’s it for Wang Shuai,I think it’s boring to say this to Qiangwei,He never felt the pain of Qiangwei,And his pain is the pursuit Qiangwei hopes to have。