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White face smiled,Did not speak,Like a fan,Time to eat。

In fact, she gave me an answer——Habitual disappointment。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Six Almost shocked
Bai Lian always talks to others about the above conversations recently,just because of,I hope I will meet the owner of the power of destiny,I hope to learn from the response and answer,Find the difference。
Chen Wenjin’s answer is something he has heard many times——Typical disappointed answer。
and so,Bai Lian doesn’t want to waste saliva with Chen Wenjin anymore,He doesn’t think it makes any sense to say one more word。
Bai Lian used such a negative、The needle in a haystack,It’s really because his patience has long been worn out,Even once anxious and desperate。
Pengshi has power and money,People whose behavior is full of the typical state of rich wealth,He has paid attention。
If you continue to investigate the next two levels of officials,The rich,That’s too much,Hard to check,It is also difficult to compare abnormal individuals。
So much for Xiaofu,People keep getting lucky,Someone is unlucky,Ups and downs,Difficult to start。
By comparison,He had to pin his hopes in other cities——Maybe the owner of destiny just happened to stay in Pengshi briefly,And then returned to the settlement。
Then,Bai Lian will search all over this country、And reach a considerable degree of wealthy individuals。
If there is still no result at that time,Can only guess,Maybe the one who came to Peng City temporarily was a foreigner,Then he has to investigate the world……
If there is no threat,If he can use his power wantonly,It didn’t take long。
But the problem is,He has to be in the process,First let yourself not be hunted out。
He can’t grow too fast and too much,Otherwise it will be caught first。
because——The anti-object master in the original civilization,Also looking for fate,And more efficient than him,At the same time, it is still investigating whether any hunted targets have slipped through the net。