Thursday, June 1

The consumer market for personal computers is really mature?Josie·Daniels has reservations about Chen Geng’s words,In the past few years,Too many people have said that the market for personal computers has matured,About to enter the stage of explosive growth,But although the annual sales of personal computers are increasing year by year,can“break out”But never appeared。

The annual consumption of personal computer products in North America is now about450Wanzhi500Between ten thousand,This number can double in two years?
Josie·Daniels is very skeptical。
But doubt is doubt,The personal computer market continues to expand,This is indeed certain,If Garrett2000Ready to continue to work hard in this market……
Josie·Daniels couldn’t help but get excited:not too much,Even if Mr. Fernandez wins 30,000 units to Pellet every month……Do not,Even 20,000 units、Ten thousand orders,That’s enough. Now it can only be regarded as a small and medium-sized electronic foundry company.!
just,Mr. Fernandez is too easy to talk?
In Josie·Daniels knew,In other words, in the understanding of the entire American business community,The heads of those big companies are very hard to speak,Especially when they are selecting partners,The selected partners are usually large groups in the industry、big company,Hardly consider small and medium-sized companies like Pylex,Even if I went to the door by myself, I was usually sent away in a few words.,Like Fernandez·Mr. Chen is so talkative,I’m afraid I’ve only heard of it in the legend……
Just in Josie·When Daniels hesitated whether there was a conspiracy,Chen Geng spoke……
“But Mr. Daniels,Don’t be happy,Because of Flextronics,I am willing to give you opportunities for small and medium electronic foundry companies,But whether you can seize the opportunity depends on you,If Pellet wins in product quality control、Offer、Compared with Solectron’s large electronic foundry companies, there is no obvious advantage in supply speed.,Can’t even compare to Flextronics……”
“Mr. Fernandez,please do not worry!”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Josie·Daniels has all his doubts:understood,Garrett2000Is to find one that is cheap enough、Fast enough、At the same time, the quality can still meet the requirements of the supplier,This is understandable。He said almost without thinking:“I promise!I swear that we will be able to……”
Ecstatic,Josie·Daniels can’t control himself,Sound a bit loud,Suddenly drew bad eyes from people around。Chen Geng gave him an uncomfortable look:“Be quiet,Don’t affect people around。”
“Oh oh……”
Josie·Daniels realized that his voice was louder,Affect others,Subconsciously shrinks his neck,He even arched his hands to apologize to those affected:These people present,Almost everyone is a big boss,The real giants walk everywhere、Boss are not as good as dogs,Little shrimp like yourself are still honest、Better low-key。
Chen Geng nodded in satisfaction,Then said:“Garrett2000There is a strict process for the selection of partners,I can give you this chance,But whether you can seize the opportunity is your own business。”
“Yes Yes,We must……”Josie·Daniels can’t control himself again。