Thursday, June 1

Sure enough, the same as I guessed,As expected, the little devil was not at ease!

There is no change in Chen Geng’s face,Just nodded casually:“and so,Are you planning to useAMCOEM to learn automobile production experience?”
Kawakami Hiroshi quickly denied it:“No no no,Chen Jun, you misunderstood……”
joke,Admit that I intend to takeAMCCome to practice?Face american dad,Kawakami Hiroshi is not so bold yet
Chen Geng raised his eyebrows,Stretched the tone:“Ok?Mr. Kawakami,you sure?”
“Uh……This one……”
Chen Geng’s elongated tone surprised Kawakami Hiroshi,He hesitated,Finally, I honestly admitted that Yamaha is indeed different:“of course,If able toAMCLearned something,Then the best……”
“Mr. Kawakami,Do you know how big our capacity gap is?”
“I know how much this……”
But before Kawakami Hiroshi finished,Chen Geng continued:“Let’s not mention the issue of capacity gaps,Mr. Kawakami,Since your Yamaha and Toyota have cooperation,Then I believe you are not ignorant of car production,Can you answer me a question?”
“Uh……Please say。”
“Not to mention the transformation of the production line、How long will the expansion take,Mr. Kawakami,You tell me,Is half a year enough to train a group of qualified auto industry workers?”
Actually strictly speaking,If you transfer workers directly from Yamaha’s motorcycle production line,,Have the foundation to produce and assemble motorcycles,In fact, it does not take as long as six months to train a group of qualified auto production workers,But the crux of the problem is: