Thursday, June 1

What a smart rosemary,Seeing Chen Geng’s mouth with a trace of disdain,I know he disapproves of the British butler most admired in western society.,I cursed inwardly“Sure enough, men are all virtues”,But continued:“If you want to find a private girl like you said、Housekeeper,no problem,You leave it to me,I promise to find you a capability to satisfy you、Service attitude makes you satisfied、Body appearance and temperament make you more satisfied,Ok,The kind that can satisfy you。”

“Uh uh……”Chen Geng was hesitating,Do you want to agree?,Not agree?I’m really excited;promise?Seems a little embarrassing……
See Chen Geng,Rosemary still doesn’t know what’s going on?Continue to curse in my heart“Superficial man,You know if you care about the woman’s skin,Don’t care about the woman’s heart at all”Meanwhile,Made up his mind,Looking back, I will help Mr. Fernandez to find the ideal one in his heart“Female assistant”……
Or Elizabeth broke the“Do I agree or not?”Chen Geng’s embarrassment,She gently pushed Chen Geng:“boss,We seem to have arrived。”
Reached?Chen Geng quickly looked out the window,really,Ahead is the main entrance of a brightly lit hotel,The extended Cadillac I’m riding in has begun to slow down、Climbing,Then he slowly stopped at the door of the hotel。Statham turned his head and said to the three of Chen Geng:“boss,We have arrived。”
PS1:Bros,Do you want to add such a personal assistant??Leave a message tell me。
PS2:The flu seems to be terrible these days,In the past two days, the clinics in the village are all lined up for injections,Adults and children,There are many elderly people,Fortunately a thousand years young,Feel much better,The doctor said it would consume energy in two days at most。
PS3:A brother asked if he had saved the manuscript,Tell everyone the truth,This one really doesn’t,Millennium is the kind of person who can’t save up,With two chapters in hand, it will start to grind,So I’m really sorry everyone。
PS4:To compensate everyone,After a thousand years of illness healed, try to save a few chapters,After we put it on the shelves, it broke out,Thank you all,Brothers and sisters, please understand,Another last question,Do you want a personal assistant??
First70chapter Distinguished guest
Although it’s not a charity dinner for American presidential candidates,Can’t attract much media attention,However, several Detroit local media reporters still gathered at the door of the hotel:Although it’s still a charity dinner for the mayor,But there are still highlights,Who are the richest among the guests here tonight?And the three major auto giants and several major auto parts giants continue to dismiss the current mayoral election as they did in previous years.,Will still intervene in the mayor election?
unfortunately,No big shot,Or more accurately,There are indeed a lot of local big shots in Detroit,Although the Mark of Detroit United Taxi Co.·Mr. Rubio,His Detroit Union Taxi Co., Ltd. accounts for 30% of the total Detroit-style operating taxis,Is the largest taxi operator in Detroit;Ted appeared·Cruz, a multi-millionaire who owns three large supermarket chains in Detroit,But there was no one that was enough to attract the attention of the audience“Breaking point”……
Feel really boring《Detroit News》Reporters couldn’t help complaining:“Even an executive from the three major auto giants is fine。”
“Ah……”Detroit955The radio reporter pouted directly:“This joke is not funny at all。”
“Yes,When did the executives of the three major auto giants appear during the Mayor of Detroit campaign??They will only be dissatisfied with the mayor、Only when you are about to kick the mayor down……”
“Speaking of,The mayor of Detroit should be among the mayors of all major cities in the United States,The most miserable mayor?”