Friday, March 31

This kick is not a simple kick,From start to whereabouts,A raging fire appeared on the left foot,And this flame grows bigger as it falls,So that when they travel 5 meters above their heads,This flame foot has been able to level the entire valley bottom。

No place to hide,The six forcibly released an aura barrier to resist。
Six people vomit blood at the same time,Fall back to the ground。
no way,They have been chased after being identified,So that the injury in the body has not healed,The other side is higher than them,This is a reasonable scene。
“You guys don’t fragrant in the presence of bandits?,I want to come here to drip the muddy water?”Lie Xiongba showed his great strength,Step by step down from the sky,Talking while walking。
“Hehe,Isn’t it fragrant to hug the girl’s warm kang?,Why come to die。”Old Wu can’t swallow this breath,With blood-stained teeth。
obviously,The other party doesn’t like to listen to Old Wu’s words,So the hand behind me turned back,Gently shoot at Old Wu。
The terrible wind is coming directly,“Click!”The clear sound of arm fracture sounded。
“what……Lie,If you want to kill Laozi, give it a go,Why torture me in this way?”Old Wu gritted his teeth in pain。
“When you tear up tickets in the Ten Thousand Caves Cave, it’s much harder,Tell me this now?”
“I fuck you……what……”
Lao Wu’s dirty words haven’t finished yet,The other arm was also scrapped,The opponent’s fire aura penetrates into the body,Tormented all the time。
“I don’t like to be interrupted when talking,If you let me hear your nonsense,That will destroy the sea of qi。”