Friday, March 31

And more of them have the mentality of gloating and watching jokes,It seems to be saying。

“Isn’t you Qiao Tianyu very awesome??Didn’t you lie to the world’s invincible hand??Why is it so easy to be entangled by Songkan Group today??Today you, Qiao Tianyu, finally know how good our Thais are?Hahaha.”
“amount,Ok。”Facing the ridicule of everyone present,Qiao Tianyu is not upset,He just smiled and shook his head,Paused for a while。
seriously,Qiao Tianyu paused for a while,It’s just a little satisfying for the unreal patriotism of those Thais present.。
To know,For“Financial vulture”For the famous international hedge fund,Short-selling is their housekeeping skill,If even a small Songkhan Group can’t win,What will he rely on Qiao Tianyu to mess with society in the future??
Moreover,Today, the financial wars Qiao Tianyu manages are all trillions of dollars.,For a company like Songkan Group, which is only 100 billion yuan,I really can’t get into Qiao Tianyu’s eyes。
So today, when preparing to short the shares of Songkan Group,Qiao Tianyu completely let it go to Henry, the Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Fund.,He believes that after this period of time,Against a small Songkhan Group,Henry is enough。
So today Qiao Tianyu is determined to delegate power to Henry,See what Henry’s follow-up move is。
And today Henry did not live up to Qiao Tianyu’s trust,Facing Songcan Group“Guard fund”Strong counterattack,Henry also just smiled contemptuously and shrugged。
Henry then learned how Qiao Tianyu looked and habitual moves,Raised his right hand and pinched his nose twice,Then Heng used his blunt Chinese to learn from Qiao Tianyu and shouted“kill!”,Henry also picked up the phone beside him。
After playing a few times in a row,,Henry let out a sigh of relief,Then he picked up the coffee on the side and tilted Erlang’s legs,Began to appreciate the performance of allies。
And just after Henry’s phone calls went out in less than half a minute,The world’s largest investment bank Goldman Sachs Group’s trading seat suddenly broke,Hold in hand1500Wan shares of Songcan Group’s stocks are all sold on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange。
Morgan Stanley, the world’s second largest investment bank、Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank, followed the market,Will also hold in each hand1800Million shares and1300Thousand shares of Songcan Group stocks are all sold。
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