Thursday, June 1

“do not come!”

It’s over when I see other people taking action,The other party is waiting for this moment,The few tentacles that were originally sporadic actually diverged when others flew over!
Suddenly a few more roots directly entangle other people。
no way,Sixth-level spirit beasts are not something they can defeat。
Just when Xia Chenglong said to himself“Over”,When preparing to unblock the Xiaotianjian,That big octopus shook it hard,Threw them to the other side。
This guy knows the Zhien report!
If you didn’t guess wrong,It should be when he was on the island to help him fight the ashamed python,So that he remembered him。
Xia Chenglong couldn’t help laughing wildly,This is really good fortune!
Other people’s dumbfounded,What’s the matter,They just passed?
Could it be that this big octopus didn’t go against them,Just bye bye?
Many people mustered up the courage,Charged up like Xia Chenglong just now,As for the result……Terrible。
The big octopus dropped the tentacles directly into the water when those guys just flew into the air,Suddenly a water barrier with purple poisonous gas appeared in front of everyone。
Those guys who hit the water barrier unfortunately fly out,The body is festering!
Why Xia Chenglong and the others can go there but they can’t,This world is so full of unknowns,How did they know what he suffered!
Xia Chenglong still bowed to the other party formally,That big octopus“Woo woo”the sound of,Seems to respond the same。