Friday, March 31

Because of the good wine,It means everything you do today will be worth it。

Xia Chenglong looked at a few people:“Everybody,I drank this wine,I accepted the gift,If you need my help,Can tell!”
They will naturally not invite him here for no reason,Since Xia Chenglong accepted their gift,It’s a disguised promise to something!
Several Patriarchs glanced at each other,Nodding without a trace,Get up by the way。
“Xia Xiaoyou,A no,His Royal Highness the Dragon King,Although we are already the peak of the North Sea,But compared to other places,It’s a little worse after all,This……The guardian of the family still needs us to do our part。”Liu Jiazhu explained!
“Yes,This peak of entering the holy realm is ultimately the peak of entering the holy realm,How easy is it to step into the realm of asking God,and so……”
“So please give your Highness the Dragon King any pointers,I will be grateful in the future!”
After they knew the true identity of Xia Chenglong,The gap between the two sides has widened!
They never regard the young people in front of them as juniors,Or a saint martial artist,Before their eyes,This is the secret six throne of the military that controls the entire Dahua country。
indeed,Even if there was a reminder from the dragon guard,As normal,If they have a chance to break through,At least five years。
Only with the appearance of the Black Demon Lord,I don’t know if five years will keep them alive,That’s why they want to improve。
Only reach the realm of questioning,Have the ability to turn the tide!
Xia Chenglong understands what they mean,Just with him now,But there is no way to give them any help,The only thing you can do is……
“I can play with you,If you want!”
Comparing is fighting,If this is heard by others,Will definitely scold Xia Chenglong for the eighteenth generation,Everyone gave me wine,Even have to fight with others。
But after these three Patriarchs heard this, they showed joy,Because they know,Fighting is the best way to break through。