Thursday, June 1

What he said,Qin Feng was relieved。I even think I overestimated these organizations。If he has enough money to buy,Is it possible to buy an organization to fall apart?

When I was with Cen Wen before,He has already seen how Cen Wen used some small means to disintegrate the Miyamoto family。Even now there may be people in the Miyamoto family who are listening to Cen Wen“command”Working。
so,Just how these two people operate,Let Qin Feng feel,Revenge really doesn’t have to be killed one by one。This is just the most inferior way of revenge。Even the operation is very difficult。
But if it is broken one by one,Prescribe the right medicine,That’s different。
“You can try it when it’s over!”Just said that,Qin Feng is a little helpless again。After all, if you talk about funding,He doesn’t seem to have enough wealth to support him to buy people from an organization。
“Forget it,Take it easy,Take one step as one step!”Qin Feng shook his head。
In fact,The Miyamoto family is not peaceful these days。
Because Futian’s death did cause a lot of trouble。When I heard the news,Haruko Miyamoto was crying。
According to her words at the time,,After her father died,Although she still has many blood relatives of the Miyamoto family,But these people treat her even more hateful than strangers。I treat her as an enemy。When she was disappointed in this world, Fukuda gave her hope again。
But I didn’t expect,Futian died like this。
She feels that her world is another
Becomes dark again。
Qin Feng dare not say that he is her light at this time。After all, Futian’s death,Actually he is also responsible。Or,This was originally the default of Qin Feng and Futian。
According to their wisdom,Naturally know that the two big families will definitely do something to Futian。But they didn’t pierce,Even Futian died so generously。
And before that, he and Qin Feng had already made plans。