Friday, March 31

On the way, Qiangwei chats with Wang Shuai,Talking about stocks,She tentatively mentioned:“Gold is so powerful,Always make money。He helped you and Xiao Xiao make money,But he himself also increased the principal,Got extra benefits,It’s a good thing for everyone。”

“You think so?”Wang Shuai glanced at Qiangwei,With a smile,People can’t see his true emotions。
“Is there anything wrong?”Qiangwei feels very cautious about this,Should be fine。
“I have to relax my horizons in the future,This way you can watch people on time,Just stare at money,You can’t be sure。”Wang Shuai said with a smile:“Chen Wenjin wants more capital,Nothing else,Let his dad talk about making money in the company,A group of people are willing to believe his father and pay him;If he raises funds in the securities department,List pull,Large and medium retail investors all begged him to collect money;He is willing to go wild,Express an idea to the head of the securities department,There must be someone who gave him a lot of money to play!He needs the little money that Xiao Xiao and I put in?Take my look,He is not in a hurry to make money。Probably for him,There is a lot of money waiting for him,Pick as much as you want,He doesn’t like spending money for fun,So there is nothing to rush。”
“I don’t understand stocks,Don’t laugh at me for being stupid。”Qiangwei nodded as if he didn’t understand,There is absolute conviction in Wang Shuai’s words。
Wang Shuai looks at her,Feel the convincing and passion in her eyes,It’s very similar to a cute puppy I raised when I was young,Brought him back to that beautiful memory in an instant……
So Wang Shuai touched the top of Qiangwei’s head,said laughingly:“This expression is cute,I like it very much。”
Chapter One Hundred Ninety Three Redeem
“really?”Wang Shuai’s certainty made Qiangwei’s heart blossoming,She took a deliberately frozen expression in the mirror,Decided to always show his joy。
Wang Shuai smiled and nodded,Thought:‘Just use this look to evoke my good memories。’
Wang Shuai arrived at the securities department on time,He suddenly brought Qiangwei over,Chen Wenjin is of course not surprised。
then,Qiangwei was a little surprised at Chen Wenjin’s not surprised。
but,Her attention was quickly fascinated by the numbers in Wang Shuai’s account.,And didn’t conceal the shock:“Wang Shuai, how could your family give you so much money??”
“Just play and put some money,Don’t be so surprised。”Shuai Wang knows that Qiangwei cares about this,Of course let her know on purpose,These are nothing。
At this moment,Qiangwei’s pager rang again。
She holds,Say:“Or Leopard。”