Friday, March 31

Three minutes is absolutely impossible!

One after another,That’s the fighting power she deserves!
She butterfly,It should be as she always believed!
three minutes,That is absolutely impossible!
High mood,Exercise-induced shortness of breath,Appeared in three and a half minutes。
Butterflies want to pretend nothing happened,But Chen Wenjin has stopped,Laughed。
Butterfly hides its face,Ugly cry:“do not laugh!No laugh!Do not laugh——”
The yellow round clock was brought by butterflies,On the table beside,Just for the shame,result……
“Improved。”Chen Wenjin endured,But want to laugh more。
“Don’t say!”Butterfly holding the quilt covering his head and face,Hot face,moment,Said again:“You go on,I can。”
“Physical condition can’t deceive people,You will hurt if you continue。”Although Chen Wenjin’s intentions are still unfinished,But look at the butterfly,Just want to laugh,Besides, it’s no wonder who,He hasn’t made any prelude,I’m afraid the butterfly is too excited,But it’s still like this,It seems she is so sensitive。
“can you?”Butterfly pulled over,Take out the bottle of baby oil from inside,Say:“It won’t hurt with this skin oil?”
“You have no status,That’s boring,This kind of thing should be emotionally contagious,Resonance is good,if not,Not much different from using tools。”Chen Wenjin took a towel to wipe the sweat on the butterfly,Thinking about if there is no air conditioning in the room later,It’s too hot。
“Humph!You just broke,I clearly want me to compensate you!”Butterfly pouting,Immediately pushed Chen Wenjin and said:“To take a bath,Break,I don’t believe it!”
“Not in a hurry,It’s still early。”Chen Wenjin is very willing to let the butterfly fight hard,Sometimes don’t work hard,I don’t even know I really can’t。