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“But now that the arrow is on the line,Then you have to post,Tianyu,Are you really ready to accept the ultimate truth??”

“amount.”I heard Geordaye say that,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help scratching his head awkwardly,Isn’t that nonsense?!
Since his rebirth, Qiao Tianyu has struggled to run around the world in Pallet,Contact people from the four major families,Don’t you just want to find out the truth about the four big families back then??If you don’t want to know the truth, why did Qiao Tianyu bother??Really!
“Daye,Don’t sell it,Tell me what’s going on?!”Qiao Tianyu couldn’t wait to urge。
“Alright alright,See you in a hurry!”Geodaye smiled and shook his head,Then explained seriously,“Actually the answers to the above four questions,Only three words:Fuxing Society!”
“Fuxing Society?”As soon as I heard the name,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help being alert again。
Explained before,In the financial war of the century before the last rebirth,Qiao Tianyu was defeated by the conspiracy of his old opponent Junji Sato。
But just as Qiao Tianyu died with hatred,Fortunately“Fuxing Society”Accidental shot,Bringing huge amounts of trillions of dollars into the market to save the country,Only then did China Financial’s last line of defense,Also kept Qiao Tianyu’s first fame。
So after experiencing the financial war of the last century,Qiao Tianyu is right“Fuxing Society”This mysterious organization is full of curiosity。
But when I heard Geodyne put all the answers to all the above questions down to“Fuxing Society”On body,Qiao Tianyu is still a little confused。
To know,Some time ago, Qiao Tianyu visited the headquarters of the Fuxing Society in an underground castle on the outskirts of Dubai.,Know that year“Fuxing Society”Was founded by the four major families,The main theme is for the revitalization of the four major families。
In a sense,“Fuxing Society”In fact, it is synonymous with the four big families of Qiao, Lu, Cui and Chen,So Qiao Tianyu really doesn’t understand how Fuxingshe became the answer to the above four questions.?
First0481chapter The ultimate truth1
Seeing Qiao Tianyu looking at herself with a dazed expression,GEODIS does not sell anything,Speak bluntly。