Thursday, June 1

These two beams of light came too fast,It’s just too much to react。

Tu Shanming only feels bright,Even think about it,While subconsciously swinging the knife to protect the head and neck,Struggling to twist and swing,Trying to avoid this extremely insidious beam of light attack。
After two soft sounds,Tu Shanming staggers back,Five steps back in a row,This stops the pace。
Hu Lin can see clearly through the live camera,Two beams of light shoot out from the white mist,One of the beams of light that pierced the throat was blocked by Tu Shanming with the Iron Slasher,And another beam of light that pierces the heart,But under his desperate struggle,Deviated a little,Did not penetrate the heart,But it fell between the shoulders and the chest。
“plot!This is a naked conspiracy!”
“shameless!Two hit one!”
“Shameless!Is this a fair duel??”
“Xiao Tu Tu is so pitiful,His injury is serious!”
Pause time,The live broadcast room exploded,The audience all spoke and cursed,Support Tu Shanming。
Because they pass through the lens of an unmanned detector,In the live broadcast room, you can see more directly than the people on the spot。
The two beams of light that stabbed Tu Shanming just now,It was not launched by the white-haired man at all,It was shot out of the white mist behind him,I’ve left Tushan out。
In the white mist,Isn’t that where the black man is??
Obviously a fair one-on-one matchup,It turned into a plot between the two,Such a shameless duel,How can you not cause abuse?!
Hu Lin is also angry,She simply drove the live broadcast,Jumped out of the cabin,Ran directly to Tu Shanming。
One thousand two hundred and fifty-two chapters Unstoppable