Thursday, June 1

“Even if you can’t carry it with you,It must also be placed where it can be checked at any time on weekdays……but,I’m still looking at the cultivation method of the second channel of the Eight Desolate Martial Channels。”Zhao Feng cut his finger immediately,Stained bamboo slips with blood again,A glimpse of the true meaning of the Eight Desolations。

Zhao Feng now has skin veins,Even though force is close to nothing,But it can be considered a serious casual cultivator,The physique is much stronger,Bloodletting again,I don’t feel dizzy for the first time,I quickly read the practice of the first channel,Just when he thought he could see the content of the second vein later,Only then discovered that each of the Eight Desolate Martial Channels has an introduction、proficient、Xiaocheng、Complete four small levels of proficiency。
In the first vein·In terms of skin veins,The formation of skin veins only opens up the cultivation of the first vein,The skin must be able to emit ten pounds of force,To meet the entry standard!
Mastery requires fifty catties,Xiaocheng a hundred catties,Complete two hundred catties!
And every pulse after that reaches perfection,The upper limit of the skin’s force will be doubled,Until the Eight Vessel Consummation,The upper limit of the force of the leather surface can reach 25,600 catties,Combine12.8Ton!
Zhao Feng could not imagine the scene where the eight veins were perfect,Twelve tons of power from the skin alone,What a guard against the sky?
Fortunately, the proficiency of each pulse does not affect each other,In other words,Even if the skin veins are not perfect,You can also improve your skin vein proficiency,Generally continue to practice the second channel,But at least it has to make the skin veins reach the standard of entry。
Zhao Feng simply browsed through the cultivation method of the second channel。
Second vein·Bloodline,Temper your own blood with poison,Until the blood in the body is fully grasped,And condense it into blood beads,Blood vessel generation,And the four small levels of blood vessels correspond to the four color stages of blood beads:Getting started is black blood、Proficient in turning silver blood、Xiao Chenghua Golden Blood,Return to the red blood,After Consummation, the blood beads can be further condensed into“Blood Orb”。
As long as Yuanzhu is not destroyed,Qi and blood will never dry up!
But what surprised Zhao Feng more was,Although the blood is tempered with poison,But the tempered blood has very strong medicinal power,It can make its body reach 100 poisonous、The state of impenetrable diseases!
“Must cultivate blood as soon as possible!I won’t be afraid of getting sick again!”Zhao Feng still subconsciously judges the value of blood with mortal thinking。
After obtaining the cultivation method of the second channel,Zhao Feng immediately took the bamboo tube、Bamboo slips leave home,He and Bai Ze agreed to go to the rental house at five in the afternoon to see the environment。