Thursday, June 1

If Big Bear seizes a good opportunity today,Of course it’s good to be able to quickly determine the relationship with Taozi。If the big bear is still shy,Maybe it will take longer。

Actually each has its own advantages,Needless to say the benefits of the former。The latter,Of course it increases Peach’s trust。
As for what the big bear should do?
Of course Daxiong did not disappoint Chen Wenjin and Butterfly。
and so,He woke up early in the morning,Then I bought breakfast and came back,Then knock on the door and ask:“peach,Are you awake?I bought breakfast,It’s almost time to go back to school。I will accompany you back to school today。”
“Woke up。”Tao Zi opened the door quickly,Looked at the big bear,A little blushing,Very happy to see the breakfast on the table。
at home,Peaches have learned to get up early in the morning to make food,Simple porridge,Fried egg,pickle,Ready,Take care of younger brother and sister to wash and change clothes,Feeding and so on,Then I saw my parents came back at noon,Ready to eat again,Younger brother and sister asleep,She cleans the house again,Dishes for dinner,Step on the stool if it is not high enough,Do it in advance。
Over time,Has become her daily routine。
No exception when school starts,I still have to go back to cook at noon,When she is not at home,The bigger one takes care of the youngest at home,The house was a mess。
but,The education of Tao Zi’s parents has always been straightforward——hit。
and so,The smaller ones will soon learn like peaches,I will wash the vegetables at noon and wait for the peaches to come home to make。
And today,Big Bear bought breakfast for Peaches,Call her to get up。
last night,Peach sleeps in a room alone,I slept peacefully until dawn,Kind of quiet,comfortable,She likes。
Yes,Peach stays at Big Bear’s house,But not nervous at all,Not afraid。
Because the door is closed,Big Bear removed the room key and put it in the room to let her rest at ease。
Eating breakfast,Daxiong asked her if she had a good rest last night。
Peach nodded,Quiet for a few seconds,Said again:“Sleep well,very quiet。”
“I’ll pick you up after school today,Anyway, go to school together in the morning。”When the big bear said, his face felt like a fever,He is willing,I’m just afraid that Taozi is not willing。